BLOG August 19, 2022

Neo-CLI v3.4.0 T5 TestNet and MainNet Upgrade Notice

Neo-CLI v3.4.0 was released on Aug 9th, 2022, and will be deployed to T5 TestNet on Aug 10th,2022, and to MainNet on Aug 24th, 2022. A list of improvements and optimizations in this version can be found below:

  • Add new method "HasMethod" to native contract: ContractManagement.

  • Move Neo.Json from Neo into a separate project to decrease coupling. 

  • Add name/symbol/decimals to GetNep17Balances in TokenTracker.

  • Fix some known issues.

Please note: Neo-CLI v3.4.0 data needs to be resync since the native contract method and VM have been changed.

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