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Apply For NEO/GAS in Testnet

If you are developing a project in the NEO ecosystem, you'll need NEO/GAS for development. You can click the Apply button to fill out an application form, or get them automatically through our Faucet.

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The Technical Documentation provides developers with a comprehensive foundation. Its content includes basic NEO knowledge and client manuals to help new developers get started; development tools, Smart Contract examples & API documentation suitable for intermediate developers; and more.
If you are a Blockchain Developer or wish to learn more technical details on NEO, head to the Developer's Guide in the Documentation. It helps readers to quickly start participating in the construction of NEO ecosystem's infrastructures.

Whitepaper Consensus Exchange Integration

Technical Documents
Developer Guide

Quick Start

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SDK API Node Wallet Smart contract Plugin


Environment IDE Dev Pack Compiler Others
C# Developer .NET Core Visual Studio Neo ContactPlugin neon -
Python Developer Python 3.0+ - neo-boa -
Java Developer JDK Eclipse neo-devpack-java neoj Maven
Golang Developer Go - neo-storm -


Our code base is entirely open-source, including suggestions and discussions on NEO's Enhancement Protocols. We welcome Pull Requests and Issues from all developers. Developers with outstanding contributions will be given rewards through the Core Developers Program.

How to Become A NEO Core Developer

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Security Bounty

The goal of the Program is to ensure the safety of NEO's Blockchain infrastructure. If you find potential security vulnerabilities and threats, please contact us as soon as possible. We will try our best to investigate those eligible vulnerabilities and fix valid issues.

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