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Neo Monthly Report - October 2019

1. Major Highlights

  • Neo marked 3 year anniversary of MainNet launch on 17th Oct 2019.
  • Revamped Neo official website launched.
  • Neo unveils new logo and other branding visuals.

2. Neo Development 

Core Developers

Neo 3

  • Neo library
    • Fixed a bug that could allow nodes to request inventories above the maximum limit;
    • Fixed a bug in JSON serialization/deserialization;
    • Added 'Null' support;
    • Added limits to the notification size;
    • Added shutdown event for plugins
    • Added Unit Tests for RPC Module;
    • Added Unit Tests for Smart Contract Module;
    • Simplified consensus payload serialization and deserialization;
    • Fixed bug in GetTransactionFromBlock syscall;
    • Reduced Travis build time by 70%;
    • Created module summaries to help Neo 3 development;  
  • Neo VM
    • Project updated to use .NET 3;
    • Added 'Null' support;
  • Neo CLI
    • Fixed invalid IP format;
    • Updated deploy command following Neo 3 schema;
  • Neo DevPack .Net
    • Added 'Null' support;
    • Fixed memory issue when using large arrays;
  • Note: All projects are currently being updated to use .Net 3.

Neo 2:

  • Neo library: Improved security when using the Random class.

NGD Shanghai 
  • Discussing and designing Neo3 governance model.
  • Improving the robustness of network communication protocol and the performance of transaction processing for Neo3.
  • Integrating and discussing two concrete proposals provided by Neo community for build-in Oracle.
  • Finished implementing all initial designed functions for Neo3 C# SDK and started preparing instruction docs.
  • Assisting Neo community to develop Neo3 JS SDK, 80% completed.
  • Finished building automated testing tools for Neo3.
  • Newly added 230 unit tests for Neo3 smart contract and RPC model.
  • Revamped Neo official website launched.
NGD Seattle
  • Oct release is live on Visual Studio Code Marketplace. 
  • Neo Express development for Neo3 in progress.
  • Neo Smart Contract Debugger feature complete. 
  • Neo Express for Neo2 feature complete.
  • Neo Visual DevTracker preview ready.
  • Neo kicked off the engagement with mainstream developers through MSDN. (Microsoft Developer Network)
Neo Saint Petersburg Competence Centre 


  • Neo 2.0 VM opcodes
  • Full transaction and block verification
  • Around 90% of interop functions
  • Invocation and issue tx processing (including contract runs)
  • Deployed four NeoGO nodes in the MainNet
  • Improved network compatibility with other nodes
  • Released versions 0.51.0 and 0.60.0


  • Contribution to Oracles proposal 
  • Research and PoC on transaction verification and Neo blockchain state 
  • Research on aggregated signatures (Schnorr and BLS)


  • NeoFS Testnet Launch
  • HTTP gate web-service send.fs.neo.org launch
  • NeoFS network state monitoring launch
  • fs.neo.org launch
  • Data migration and replication methods optimization
  • Internal banking system optimization
  • Basic implementation of reputation system based on EigenTrust method
  • dBFT 2.0 Golang library decoupling
  • Gossip protocol optimization
  • Creation of library for integrating NeoFS with external services


  • Presentation at Golang Conf 2019, Moscow "Go Assembler or how we speed up our homomorphic hashing code by N times".
  • Open seminar in St. Petersburg State University, faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes .
  • NeoGO programming workshop in St. Petersburg State University, faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes.
  • Neo SPCC has started engineering collaboration with St. Petersburg State University, faculty of Applied Mathematics and Control Processes.
  • Final Neo2.X compatible version of neo-one released.  This version includes the ability to deploy to the main net and support for the dAPI standard.  
  • Began conversion of the neo-one node & vm for Neo3. 

Neo3 Preview Explorer

  • Released an explorer for the Neo3 Preview TestNet at neo3-preview.com.
  • The explorer allows users to browse blocks and transactions, and also includes information on Neo3 features and recent news articles.


  • Implemented, test covered, typed & documented the remaining ~60% of SDK Core package.
  • Implemented, test covered, typed & documented the last 4 network payloads + ~50% of the convenience classes for inflight tracking + nodemanager (50% test covered).
  • Implemented, test covered about 20% of the storage package. 


  • Documentation update for utils module
  • Added Return error from promise reject in RpcClient
  • Updated dependencies to latest versions
  • Added CI release processApplied fix for wallet tests and error handling
  • New hexstring class
  • Improvements for smart contract and transaction modules
  • Presentation of two academic papers at SBAC-PAD 2019 international conference (Campo Grande/Brazil) highlighting applications of NeoVM for Smart Home and libbft for simulation for innovative byzantine fault tolerant consensus systems.
  • Started RedeNeo (github.com/redeneo) initiative in partnership with other Brazilian universities, in order to provide learning and experimentation on a local/permissioned Neo blockchain network.
  • Published two new IEEE papers on Neo blockchain technology.

Blolys Blockchain Browser

  • Fixed data query channel congestion
  • Optimized database setting
  • Optimized codes

NeoLine Wallet

  • Android
    • V1.0.2 released
    • Asset value accurate to 2 decimal places
    • Bug fixes
  • iOS
    • Development near completion


  • Updated framework and neon to avoid unexpected error messages.
  • Fixed a bug causing display shifts of executing code blocks during debugging.
  • Fixed a bug where AVM information is missing during debugging.

Browser for Neo3

  • Fixed a bug to causing MainNet information to be displayed in certain search results when Neo3 TestNet is selected. 

ThinSDK Upgrade

  • Re-constructed certain codes for Neo3 compatibility.
  • Adding modules calling for nodes and nel-api, will be completed early Nov.

Neo3 TS SDK Upgrade

  • JavaScript/TypeScript SDK development completed for transaction assembly features.
  • Started Cryptographic audit
  • Neo CORE audit at 85%
  • October Security Pentest and open vulnerabilities review

3. Marketing

We celebrated the 3 year anniversary of Neo MainNet launch this month together with our international communities.  A series of campaigns and activities were centred around this precious moment. We have launched our revamped website and logo. While reflecting our heritage, our upgraded visuals also symbolize our resolve to evolve—as a community—to realize our new vision of next-gen Internet. On social media, we are also giving out limited edition Neo gift boxes to thank the community for all the support along the way. 

Online Activities 

Neo Live (WeChat)

Neo Live (Telegram)

Other online activities

Week 1



Webinar with Steven Liu: Introduction to Development on Neo

Week 2


John Wang AMA with DappOS;

Week 3



Hongfei Da and Erik Zhang AMA on Reddit;

Yuan Gao on Neo News Today podcast;

John Wang AMA with Celer;

Week 4



John Wang AMA Xcong.

Offline Events
  • Neo participated in Delta Summit 2019 in Malta. John deVadoss, Head of NGD Seattle gave a speech on Neo’s future plan and was featured in a 20-minute interview on EAK TV at the event, discussing mass adoption, developer recruitment, and the .NET Foundation.
  • Lili Zhao, NGD EcoGrowth Director (Switzerland) and Claude Müller, community developer at neow3j introduced Neo to a classroom of students at the University of Basel. 
  • Longfei Wang, Neo Blockchain Engineer was invited to Blockchain Technical Workshop hosted by HiBlock.
  • John Wang, Director of NGD EcoGrowth was invited to International Fintech Innovation Conference 2019 in Seoul, and gave a speech.
  • Nikkor, NGD EcoGrowth Manager, attended the inaugural South China Blockchain Technology Development Industry Communication Conference and gave a speech.

4. Neo Ecosystem 

Project Collaborations
  • Neo zone officially launched on Dapp.com 
  • Neo zone officially launched on State of the Dapps
  • Neo enters partnership with Unicorn, which will start token swap from ERC20 to NEP-5
  • Neo enters partnership with SafePal, which will integrate NEP-5 standard with its hardware wallets
  • FPS Game from Vice integrated on Neo
New Projects
  • Presale started for Neo Eco-project Cryptofast on easycheers.io

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