BLOG October 17, 2019

3 Years with Neo MainNet: An Open Letter from Neo Foundation

Dear Neo community members,

What an eventful few years it’s been! As we celebrate the three-year anniversary of our MainNet, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on how far our community has come since then. Driven by your support and passion, our ecosystem has flourished through our shared commitment to pioneering the Smart Economy of the future. Before proceeding further, we’d like to take a moment to thank our community members and contributors for joining us in this journey to build a more open, transparent, and interconnected future.

While blockchain technology is entering a new era of adoption and innovation, it is also faced with new challenges and questions—questions we seek to answer by embracing evolution while maintaining our core values. We strongly believe that building next-gen Internet—an Internet that is user-centric—is key to realizing the Smart Economy of the future. To that end, we are embarking on a new journey starting with a newly launched website and logo. While reflecting our heritage, our upgraded visuals also symbolize our resolve to evolve—as a community—to realize our new vision of next-gen Internet.

Deeply rooted in our core values of openness and interconnection, Neo is accelerating its technological evolution to strengthen its position within a rapidly changing landscape. Underscored by the recent release of Neo3 Preview1, we are stepping up Neo3 development to foster enterprise participation and mainstream awareness while restoring data sovereignty to users through innovations such as NeoFS and NeoID. Moreover, Neo3 also reflects our developer commitment with products such as NEO-ONE and Neo Blockchain Toolkit for .NET in development. 

As we evolve technologically, we are also committed to accelerating our ecosystem’s development through our EcoBoost program. By providing high-potential projects with comprehensive support—ranging from R&D to marketing—we look forward to joining hands with you, our community, to realize our shared vision for next-gen Internet. 

Within the past three years, we have achieved tremendous success with your support and passion. As we build towards a more open, connected, and efficient world, we are also experimenting with interoperability protocols that are aimed at overcoming challenges facing blockchain. With your enthusiasm, we are confident that together, we will build the infrastructure for next-gen Internet and the smart economy of the future.

Neo Foundation

Oct 17, 2019

Written by:
Neo Foundation