BLOG October 23, 2019

O3 Labs to enter next phase, will continue contributing to the Neo Ecosystem

As a long-time contributor to the Neo ecosystem, we would like to congratulate O3 Labs for its acquisition by Bitcoin.com as well as our thanks for the key role they have played—and will continue to play—within our ecosystem. Underscoring the strength of O3 Labs’ strong R&D capacity, O3 Wallet’s user-friendly interface and accessibility has enabled it to serve as a gateway into the Neo ecosystem. Its acquisition by Bitcoin.com further underscores the strength of the O3 Labs. 

Moving forward, O3 Wallet will continue to operate as a key community project, supported collectively by the Neo Global Development and the entire Neo global community. To ensure a smooth transition, NGD has been working closely with O3 Labs team. In the future, we will continue optimizing O3 Wallet hand-in-hand with the Neo community to enhance wallet services for web and app users for the benefit of the community and holders.  

In the meantime, we look forward to witnessing O3 Labs’ future development both within and outside of the Neo Ecosystem. Reflecting our key values of cooperation and collaboration, O3 Labs members will continue contributing to our ecosystem as we build towards our shared vision of a Smart Economy.  

As the Neo ecosystem continues to grow and expand, we’d like to take a moment to thank O3 Labs for its significant contributions while celebrating a brighter, smarter, and more global future. 

Neo Global Development

Oct 23, 2019

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