BLOG October 15, 2018

Golang Becomes Viable for NEO Smart Contract Development

As an open source blockchain project, NEO always aims to provide freedom and choice to developer. Due to support of a variety of mainstream programming languages, a wide range of developers can quickly write smart contracts based on NEO, develop and realize their own ideas. To date, C# and Python have had the most comprehensive set of tools available, and a variety of compilers for developers to choose from.

Developed by the open source development community, City of Zion (CoZ), the Go language smart contract framework launched in late August (https://github.com/CityOfZion/neo-storm). The Go language has since become NEO’s third major programming language framework after C# and Python. The Go language is optimized for programming multi-processor system applications. Programs compiled with Go can match the speed of C or C++ code, are more secure and support parallel processes. The launch of neo-storm is a new milestone for NEO in multi-language support, which is of great significance to the many NEO developers and enthusiasts.

Here, we would like to thank the author of neo-storm, Anthony de Meulemeester (GitHub), developer of CoZ. Anthony also credits Jeroen Peeters (@DrPpr on NEO Discord) for his valuable contributions to neo-storm. NEO developer LikKee Chong also wrote a tutorialon writing smart contracts using Go. The tutorial teaches how to build the NEO private chain and publish smart contracts in Go using Neo-storm, which is a good introduction for Go developers.

To promote the influence of Go language in the community and bring together more Go developers, NGD will host a Golang-focused Hackathon. It will be held at KPN headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Delft University of Technology from Oct 20 to Oct 21. For more information about this Hackathon, please visit https://neo.org/event/details/47.

Written by:
Neo Global Development