BLOG October 17, 2018

2 Year Anniversary of NEO MainNet in Stable Operation

The NEO MainNet has been running in stable capacity for two years since its release on October 17th, 2016. As an early blockchain project, NEO has spent the past two years improving its core technology, enriching and extending its ecosystem, and expanding the global presence of the NEO community. Many talented developers have been drawn to NEO technology and are actively contributing to the global community. 

The dBFT consensus mechanism developed by NEO has been widely praised for its stability, security and block finality. The NeoContract system has been under continuous improvement since the MainNet release, and canso far be compiled in several mainstream languages, such as C#, Java, JS, Python and Go. NEO is one of the few blockchain projects operating with its own virtual machine, NeoVM. The NEO Enhancement Proposal (NEP) has been updated to NEP-9, covering items such as the token standard, wallet standard and triggers. NEP-5 contract assets are now being traded on the majority of leading exchanges. The NEO-CLI client is up to version 2.9.0 and there are over 10 wallets and block explorers available to choose from, offering users a wide choice and better experience.

The NEO ecosystem wouldn’t be so prosperous without the talented output from the continuously expanding developer community. City of Zion (CoZ), the earliest NEO developer community, developed a series of ease-of-use SDKs, such as neo-python and the Golang compiler that simplify dApp development on NEO. NeoEconoLabs (NEL), a Chinese NEO developer community, created a game SDK that paves the way for NEO’s presence in game industry and launched the NEO Name Service (NNS) .neo domain protocol. NeoResearch, a Latin American developer community has developed high-quality tools such as NeoComplier and coordinated many NEO events in the Latin America region. 

The first NEO DevCon convened on January 30th, 2018, and was attended by 600+ ecosystem developers, projects and community followers, who were brought together by a desire to discuss the development and application prospects of NEO technology. During 2017 and 2018, NEO Global Development (NGD) left its footprints in over 50 countries and regions by attending and hosting events to share thoughts with community developers and ecosystem partners. The NEO Blockchain Developer Competition, co-hosted by NEO and Microsoft, lasted from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018 and was overwhelmed by a large quantity of high quality projects, with over 70 excellent entries submitted. Meanwhile, dozens of hackathons and challenges held by NGD around the globe have motivated the community to action inspiring ideas. As of now, nearly 100 dApps have been deployed on NEO.

We would like to share this joyful moment with all of you who have shared the ups and downs with us and are steadfast in your support. We welcome talented individuals from around the world to join our vibrant ecosystem and together build the future of blockchain.

NGD is launching a “NEO MainNet 2 Year Anniversary” series of events, consisting of a “Send your anniversary wishes” community video draw, NEO technical articles competition and NEO wallpaper design competition. Sign up now. (https://neo.org/anniversary.html

2 years is a small step towards the future of blockchain and the Smart Economy. We still have a long way to go. NEO is grateful to have you all driving this ecosystem forward. We thank you sincerely. 

Written by:
Neo Global Development