June 8, 2018

NEO Developers’ Basis Open in Tokyo


Friday, 2018-06-08
19:00 - 21:00
日本 - Tokyo
Free ticket

We are pleased to inform that NEO Developers' Basis will be open in Jun.
Here we will have Workshop, Meetup and any gathering of developers.
Please feel free to utilize the biggest apartment in Japan located in Ariake.

1. Date & Time: Fri, Jun 8, 18:30 Gate Open, 19:00 Start

2. Place: Ariake (The address will be sent after the recipient of your application form)


3. Fee: Free (with light meal)

4. Time Table

18:30 Gate Open
19:00 Start

(1) Opening Speech by Miki Hayama
(2) Greeting from the sponsorship, Keisuke Fukui (PhD of Keio University)
(3) Introduction of Upcoming Events
- Workshops (Hand-in Coding) for Developers
- Meetup
- Hackathon
(4) Networking with light meal

21:00 Close (estimated)


Miki Hayama, head of NEO Japan operations
Spending a decade in London and being in charge of overseas marketing in the automobile industry with experience from 15 countries,
Miki has been engaged in bridging the parties across the countries which naturally brought her to be an interpreter for top managers
within the blockchain industry. She became the first full time team member out of China for NEO covering Japan Operations
including community building and all activities for the Japanese market.

Keisuke Fukui, PhD of Keio University
The association "Learning of Tomorrow" (‭http://lot.or.jp‬) has just been released on May 29th composed of professors of both Keio and Tokyo University
with sponsorship by these professors and majors such as Yahoo. The association aims to bring up the next generation resources focusing on ICT.
Keisuke will take a lead in Blockchain section having NEO as a partner to execute the education in practice by holding workshop.