June 6, 2018EVENT

Neo Smart Contracts Python Workshop

Wed, 2018-06-06 18:00 - 20:00

以色列 - Tel Aviv-Yafo

Free ticket

This is a workshop in Blockchain and Smart Contracts, aimed at beginners who have some proficiency in Python, and have interest in getting involved in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Neo is one of the leading Blockchain platforms in the world.

This event is hands-on, all attendees must bring a laptop (Mac or Linux recommended), clone the repository https://github.com/iddobergerbn/neo-local , and follow the “usage” section in README.md.

In addition:
Clone: https://github.com/iddobergerbn/neo-boa
Install PyCharm
Install Docker

Link for the slide deck:

Pizza courtesy of Barrel Protocol https://www.barrel.network/

Note: The workshop will be in Hebrew