BLOG March 2, 2022

January 2022 General Monthly Report

The Neo ecosystem started strong in 2022 with a hum of activity that included growing exchange support, token listings, partnerships, winning projects, and more. Neo also shared a visual look back at Neo 2021 milestones. 

Migration and exchange news

Exchange support and token listings expanded this month:

  • Atomic Wallet announced support for the NEO N3 token.

  • The NEO N3 token performed well in a BYBIT community listing poll and is now listed in BYBIT’s derivatives market.

  • The Gate.io custodial exchange listed the Flamingo Finance FLM token with immediate support for deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, the OKEx custodial exchange migrated to support FLM N3 deposits and withdrawals. OKEx no longer supports Neo Legacy transactions.

  • The GhostMarket GM token was listed on the Flamingo Finance and Pancake Swap non-custodial exchanges, the MEXC custodial exchange, the CoinMarketCap tracking platform, and the Vulkania blockchain data aggregation website.

  • NeoBurger’s bNEO token was listed on the DeFi Llama website, an aggregator for protocols denoted by total value locked. 

 Community engagement

Community highlights included new information sessions, a new vulnerability bounty program, contest winners, and more thought leadership engagement from the Neo team.  


NGD hosted a NeoLive session with Sky Hut.

Additionally, John Wang, Head of Neo Ecosystem Growth and Managing Director of Neo Eco Fund, joined an AMA with Gate.io. 

DevLog sessions for developers

The year’s first DevLog session featured a discussion about NeoNova and Neo Wallet Adapter with Rentfuse.

A second session explored smart contract development in Python with COZ. 

New vulnerability bounty program 

Neo partnered with Immunefi to launch a new bounty program. The program is designed to reward users who discover and report security vulnerabilities on the Neo blockchain.  

 Neospective Round 1 contest winners

Round 1 of the Neospective creator contest came to a successful conclusion. Thanks to the talented contributors and to everyone who voted. Core contest prizes were awarded for first, second, third, and fourth place winners. Kudos also to the creative entrants in the contest sub-tracks by Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, and TOTHEMOON.

Neo trivia contests

Neo community members showed off their knowledge in three trivia contests on the Neo Telegram channel this month and competed to win Neo NFT blind boxes.

Neo in the news

Metathon hackathon: 

  • The Metaverse Alliance announced winners of the 2021 Metathon hackathon, where Neo sponsored a grant.  

  • A Metathon panel discussion with Neo’s John Wang and other thought leaders about Cross-Chain Asset Transfer is available here

  • Congratulations to Neo community developer, Robert Oschler, who won second place in the SocialFi category with his Neo3D project.

John deVadoss, president of Neo Global Development Enterprise, joined other industry leaders in a panel at the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) Virtual Blockchain Central Davos conference.


Ecosystem growth

Highlights across projects in the Neo ecosystem projects included a new IDO, a new NFT marketplace, and new NFT collections, partnerships, giveaways, and more:  

Everstake published a Neo N3 voting guide on how to earn more rewards with O3 Wallet.

Flamingo Finance released a look back on its remarkable journey in 2021 and began the new year with highlights including:

  • Completed migration of FLM minting to Neo N3 

  • Listing on Gate.io and OKEx custodial exchanges, as noted above

  • A Neoverse Phase 2 blindbox giveaway  

  • An article about the tiering system for the first IDO on the Flamingo Finance platform 

  • Creation of a new pool including GhostMarket’s GM governance token, FLP-FLM-GM

  • Announcement of support for NEON Wallet 

  • Announcement of its first charity auction, an NFT auction to support flamingo research 

Flamboyant Flamingos became the first NFT project to launch via Forthewin Network’s NEP-11 token generator and released an article about recent project updates.

Forthewin Network introduced the FTW Arena game, announced its first winners, and released FTW Arena tickets.  

GhostMarket launched an IDO as the first project on the Flamingo Finance IDO platform, selling 2 million GM governance tokens in just over 48 hours. GhostMarket also:

  • Launched a community rewards campaign

  • Listed its governance token on the Flamingo Finance and Pancake Swap non-custodial exchange platforms, the MEXC custodial exchange, the CoinMarketCap tracking platform, and the Vulkania blockchain data aggregation website, as noted above

Humswap released new details about an upcoming airdrop of Lucky Bao envelopes to holders of Bowl NFTs and began to showcase its Ants NFT series on the Sky Hut NFT marketplace.

iMe Smart Platform gave away blind boxes as part of Neoverse Phase 2.

nDapp also gave away blind boxes as part of Neoverse Phase 2.   

NeoAntsNFT, a community-initiated NFT collection, distributed 50 NFTs to Neo community members.

NeoBurger distributed a second airdrop of NoBug governance tokens to early Neo N3 governance participants and was listed on DeFi Llama, as noted above. 

Neo Candy launched an NFT collection on the Sky Hut marketplace and introduced a bounty program to promote dApps built with Neo N3 and help developers new to the ecosystem. 

NeoDashboard launched a community rewards program with contributions donated from projects across the Neo ecosystem.

NudesToken, a grassroots-driven community memecoin, began distributing NEP-17 NUDES tokens to community members and launched a website. 

Polychain Monsters launched a dedicated Booster Partnership (including a Neo-exclusive Unigiraffe NFT, social events, and an NFT giveaway) and released an article on how to migrate the Polychain Monsters application to Neo N3.

Poly Network announced that it has surpassed $15.4 billion in total trade volume.

Rentfuse released NeoNova, an open-source web application to simplify contract operations, published new brand guidelines, and published four smart contracts on the Neo N3 TestNet.  

Saffron Finance completed contract beta testing for V2 of its platform on the Neo N3 TestNet. Users of the beta Saffron App were entered in a giveaway of Neoverse NFT blindboxes.  

Sky Hut launched the first NFT marketplace on the Neo N3 network to use NeoFS and integrated support for the O3 Wallet into the marketplace.

Snowypowers released an updated version of Ansy (a paper wallet that lets users randomly generate new Neo keypairs) for Neo N3. 

TOTHEMOON Universe partnered with Forthewin Network to offer tournaments that will combine elements of TOTHEMOON NFTs and FTW Runes. 

TranslateMe Network announced that its platform has registered more than 10,000 translators on its network. 

Developer group highlights

In January, the month after delivering the Neo 3.1 milestone version, the Neo core development team focused on planning activities and minor fixes. 

Neo’s globally distributed development communities continued to refine available Neo infrastructure and tooling across all supported languages in January.   

See the January Technical Development Monthly Report for a detailed update on the progress last month.

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