BLOG July 20, 2021

Neo N3 RC4 Release Announcement

Neo N3 RC4 codebase was released on 2021/07/20 and the corresponding TestNet will be set up on 2021/07/21. This update includes the completion of all the tasks required for Neo N3, and is a candidate of the Neo N3 Formal TestNet.

The comprehensive list of improvements and optimizations in this version:

  • Nonce-based random number generator for smart contracts that can be improved with BLS in the future
  • OSX compatibility
  • Get network syscall
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations especially in VM and Oracle

The deployment of RC4 is a step on the final road to Neo N3 MainNet. In the following weeks, Neo will systematically onboard critical components of the network, such as Initial Council members, NeoFS nodes, and Oracle nodes.

The following tasks will be conducted on RC4 to prove its stability:

Governance setup 

The Neo Foundation recently announced the initial members of the Neo Council, responsible for governance of the Neo blockchain. The initial members of the Neo Council will be onboarded onto RC4 to ensure that they are ready and equipped to handle steady operations of Neo before migration to MainNet.

NeoFS & Oracle setup

The initial NeoFS and Oracle networks will be set up and operated by Neo SPCC and Neo Foundation respectively. These should ensure smooth functionality for the first round of dApps deployed to the Neo N3 network. 

Token migration testing

The Neo Foundation, community development groups, and exchanges will begin testing NEO and GAS token migration from Neo Legacy using PolyNetwork. Tests have already been completed from Neo Legacy to Neo N3 RC3.

Application testing

The first wave of N3 dApps will begin deploying contracts to the RC4. Some of these dApps will be participants of the Neo Frontier Launchpad, while others will be projects supported by NGD’s Early Adoption Program.


Once the RC4 is proven to be stable in a live setting, its codebase will be re-published as Neo N3 codebase and the RC4 network will graduate to become Formal TestNet. Neo Global Development will make a follow up announcement with dates for the Neo N3 MainNet genesis block and migration. 


  • The current RC3 TestNet will remain operational for a number of months following the release of RC4 as it is currently hosting dApps from the Neo Frontier Launchpad.
  • For information on NEO and GAS migration, please refer to official sources such as the neo.org website.

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