BLOG June 2, 2021

Neo N3 RC3 Release Announcement

Neo N3 RC3 has been released on 2021/05/25 and the corresponding TestNet has been set up on 2021/05/30. This update includes some syscalls for native contracts, alongside other improvements and optimizations.

NGD has performed the TestNet upgrade from 06:00 to 09:00AM GMT, 2021/05/30.

The comprehensive list of improvements and optimizations in this version:


Added Base58CheckEncode and Base58CheckDecode into StdLib

Two encoding-decoding-related syscalls, Base58CheckEncode and Base58CheckDecode are added to StdLib native contract. It would be helpful to include Base58CheckEncode and Base58CheckDecode so that contracts could convert between scripthashes and addresses for Neo Legacy and Neo N3 (and other chains that also use Base58Check addresses).


Added GetAccountState into NeoToken native contract

The syscall GetAccountState is added to NeoToken native contract, to get the state of specified account, including account balance, voting, etc.

Other improvements and optimizations
  • Added slot index to debug info

  • Added unvote function to Neo-CLI

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