BLOG May 18, 2021

Neo N3 RC2 Release Announcement

Neo N3 RC2 has been released on 2021/05/02 and the corresponding TestNet has been set up on 2021/05/18. This update includes a new C# compiler for Neo smart contract, together with the support for JSONPath, alongside other improvements and optimizations.

NGD has performed the TestNet upgrade from 06:00 to 09:00AM UTC, 2021/05/18. 

The comprehensive list of improvements and optimizations in this version:

New C# Compiler

We have developed a new compiler for Neo smart contracts, enabling developers to compile directly from C# code without the need to rely on MSIL. This compiler supports more native C# features, deterministic compilations, and more readable and optimized code, providing a better user experience.

JSONPath Support

JSONPath is currently used for filtering JSON responses but has caused issues. We have defined a set of regex rules, to restrict the set of valid oracle filters. This set of rules can also be easily transplanted to Neo Go and Python version.

Other improvements and optimizations

  • Allowed invocation script for contract-based witness verification inside CalculateNetworkFee method
  • Added more functions to StdLib
  • Removed Oracles from the ExtensiblePayload whitelist
  • Replaced NNS with the non-native version
  • Added features to manifest for future implementation
  • Added Refuel function to GasToken native contract

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