BLOG June 1, 2020

Neo TestNet Upgrade Notice: neo-cli v2.10.3

Dear Neo users,

Neo Global Development has released the latest version of neo-cli v2.10.3-neox-preview1, and will coordinate with all TestNet consensus node operators to perform the upgrade to from 6:00 AM, June 1st GMT, 2020 to 9:00 AM, June 2nd GMT, 2020. During this period, all TestNet activities will be temporarily paused. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Here are some important improvements included in this release:

State Root

With this new release, a state root will be generated for each block using the MPT (Merkel Patricia Tree) to enable rapid verification of the execution of transactions and the current state of the Neo blockchain without heavily relying on a full node. Considering that upgrades of NeoVM may potentially cause state changes, state roots will be delivered via P2P messages instead of being added to corresponding block heads.

Secp256k1 Support

An extra ECC curve Secp256k1 has been added to the Neo cryptography module. This improvement will provide an additional option in development other than Secp256r1.

Neo Global Development

1st June 2020

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