BLOG August 5, 2019

NEO and Swisscom Blockchain Partner to Empower Data Ownership

Today, NEO, a leading public blockchain project, and Swisscom Blockchain, a subsidiary of Swisscom, the largest telecoms provider in Switzerland, jointly launched Seraph ID, a self-sovereign identity (SSI) framework built on the NEO blockchain.

In the information era, our identities are scattered all over the Internet. Users are no longer in control of their own digital identities — rather, they are used and commercialized by tech giants.

Through their partnership, NEO and Swisscom Blockchain are advancing a decentralized platform to empower users to take ownership of their identities.

As a component of NeoID, Seraph ID functions as a set of tools which empowers Dapp developers and users to leverage Self-Sovereign identity capabilities. By offering a comprehensive toolset such as libraries and smart contract templates, Seraph ID enables SSI usage for end-users as well as NEO ecosystem developers and start-ups. Moreover, a number of large-scale commercial use cases for Seraph ID’s functionalities are currently in the development pipeline.

Moving forward, NEO and Swisscom Blockchain will continue developing Seraph ID into a leading industry standard while leveraging SSI applications to accelerate large-scale commercial usage for blockchain. As per their roadmap, both parties will coordinate to develop an agent to agent communication layer, an offline wallet for identity owners, and NEO DID universal resolvers. Designed as an open source project, both parties welcome the NEO ecosystem to contribute and test out Seraph ID.

Commenting on the recent breakthrough, Erik Zhang, NEO Founder, noted that, “Through Seraph ID, we are building towards a more decentralized information network to better serve users while developing technical capabilities for large-scale commercial use cases. As we move towards a more decentralized and optimized infrastructure, NEO will continue prioritizing digital identity as a critical element of a smart economy.”

Likewise, Lukas Hohl, CEO of Swisscom Blockchain, echoed his sentiment while noting that, “The trend of ‘owning your own data’ continues, and Seraph ID is a good example of how to accelerate this process by making tools available to the NEO ecosystem.”

For more information on Seraph ID, please visit the website: https://www.seraphid.io/

Written by:
Neo Global Development