BLOG August 8, 2019

NEO and TECHFUND Inc. Announced Partnership for further Blockchain adoption

NEO, a World’s leading Blockchain platform, and TECHFUND Inc., a Japanese tech accelerator supporting startups globally, has announced the partnership in its accelerator program and blockchain development tool “ACCEL BaaS”.

TECHFUND has supported startups and more than 30 large company’s new business projects and provided Blockchain accelerator program. Now, companies adopted in this program have opportunities to obtain technology support from NEO.

At the same time, TECHFUND has released NEO features in ACCEL BaaS, a Blockchain development tool which TECHFUND developed through its past support, as below: 

  1. ACCEL BaaS starts to support NEO. This leads to smooth implementation of NEO into various applications without technical knowledge or environment for NEO. Especially, its “Contract Template” and “Contract Marketplace” are notable in that TECHFUND provides NEO contracts as templates for blockchain use cases and people can use them with customization using GUI.
  2. NEO provides the fee (GAS) required to use NEO in Testnet. Previously developers could take time to get fee(gas), which now aren’t necessary, therefore you can expect the speed of development will increase.

Through this partnership, TECHFUND can provide a more advanced option for the attempt to enable implementing Blockchain functions into applications by ordinary Web engineer without enough Blockchain knowledge.

We predict that this results in accelerating PoC and contributing to produce more use cases of NEO Blockchain.

About ACCEL BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)

A cloud service for easy development of Blockchain application by calling its APIs from any programming language without Blockchain knowledge.

Also, considering common Blockchain use cases, it prepares "Smart contract template" with which Blockchain function can be used only by setting in GUI. It now supports following.

- Payment with escrow

- Token issuance

- Crowdsale

- Distributed ledger (KVS)

- Voting

- Lottery (Random number generator)

Who we are

About NEO

NEO is a non-profit community-based blockchain project that utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets, to automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts, and to realize a "smart economy" with a distributed network.


From its establishment in 2014 with vision "Be an entrepreneur", TECHFUND supports startups in terms of technology, making it as Technology Accelerator. TECHFUND has launched the world's first platform supporting startups through "technology investments(*1)", having executed investment in six companies. In addition, it has provided mentoring for more than 250 teams.

From 2015, it has offered "ACCEL PROGRAM for BIZ", an accelerator program for listed companies and contributed to more than 30 projects.

From 2018, it supports ICO/STO start-ups, through its new program "ACCEL PROGRAM for TO(*2)" and offeres "ACCEL Baas (Blockchain as a Service)".

*1. Technology Investment: An investment method that aims to invest technology instead of money which, in return, assumes equity, also similarly referred to as "Sweat Equity".

*2. Token Offering: A general term for raising fiat or cryptoasset by issuing tokens electronically

Appendix Related URL

「ACCEL BaaS」 https://accel-baas.io

「ACCEL PROGRAM for TO」 https://accel-program.io/

Written by:
Neo Global Development