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NEO Monthly Report - July 2019

Core Development


NEO 2.x
NGD Shanghai Progress 
Development Progress


  • Discussed the worked on the design of cross-chain mechanism.

  • Finished internal review and audit of NEO3 white paper.

  • Worked on the developer guide - 80% complete.

  • Implemented functionalities for C# SDK, working closely with Core Developers on detailed implementation - 20% complete,

  • Worked on designing the NEO3 voting mechanism and the corresponding incentive mechanism, choosing the preferred algorithm and technical architecture - 50% complete.

  • Finished unit tests for over 240 methods.

  • Collaborated with the community on fixing major bugs for MainNet, and testing the corresponding fix on TestNet.

  • Website updates: Developed and published new EcoBoost page, new developer page, and technical docs.

  • July 19th - 21st: NEO was invited to participate in the DoraHacks hackathon - "The Fourth Industrial Revolution." NEO founder and core developer, Erik Zhang, delivered a speech titled "Blockchain will change the future of the internet,” in which he discussed the architecture of the next generation internet and his vision of NEO3. During the three-day geek feast, three engineers from NGD helped hackers learn more about NEO technology.

  • July 25th, Head of EG development, John Wang, delivered a speech at the Cointime Summit 2019 held in Vietnam.

  • July 25th, The NEO Powers Up Vietnam meetup took place with over 60 NEO fans attending the event. John Wang and head of NGD marketing development, Gao Yuan, spoke about the direction and progress of NEO, and answered questions from the local community regarding EcoBoost.

Other Progress:
  • NEO announced a new joint initiative with Ontology to build an interoperable cross-platform protocol to establish the foundation of the next-gen Internet. The protocol will feature an eco-friendly approach to member chains, a low barrier to entry for integration, transactional atomicity, and enhanced security.

  • More than 50 major EcoBoost partners were announced across six categories: liquidity, wallets, media, channels, community, and security. The EcoBoost program has now moved onto phase two, which will focus on supporting entities building in the NEO ecosystem. Interested projects are welcome to visit neo.org/ecoboost or contact us at eg@neo.org to join the NEO EcoBoost program.
Available positions
  • NGD Shanghai tech lead
  • Associate manager, Ecosystem Growth
  • Associate manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Blockchain integration engineer
  • Blockchain software developer
NGD Seattle Progress
  • Smart Contract Debugging

NEO Smart Contracts now have a first-class debugging experience for C# inside Visual Studio Code, and the bits are available for feedback. Contact seattle@ngd.neo.org if you want to work with the early access bits. This work is foundational for full debugging for multiple languages (C#, TypeScript, Python, Java etc.) across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux).

  • NEON vNext

Compiler enhancements and extended extensibility in progress; short-term re-developed debug data to enable location of symbols and to relate current execution state of the source code. This addresses the need to save time and to gain insight as part of the F5 Developer Experience.

  • NEO-FX (the new Unified Programming Model)

The NEO-FX Unified Programming Model (spanning on-chain, off-chain, and the plug-in developer experience) Design Note DRAFT will be available at the end of July for early feedback from the community.

  • NEO Design Notes

NGD Seattle is using the Design Note approach, as pioneered by Microsoft Research to address gaps in the open source development process, focusing on engineering excellence.

  • Decentralized Identity Foundation

NEO joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation (https://identity.foundation/) towards the goal of establishing an open ecosystem of decentralized identity. 

Developer Community Progress

NEO Saint Petersburg Competence Centre 
  • Completed new version of data audit. 

  • Continued work on security/permissions & request verification.

  • Continued work on object storage refactoring. 

  • Completed indexer for object attributes. 

  • Continued work on payment system: deposit and rewards for storage. 

  • Continued work on NeoFS TestNet. 

  • Continued work on NeoFS Specification.

  • Continued work on Objects garbage collector. 

  • “Hydra” Distributed Computing Conference attended by Alexey Vanin & Stanislav Bogatyrev: https://hydraconf.com/

Vsevolod, Alexey, Stanislav and Leonard at “Hydra” Conference (from left to right)

  • “Summer school on practice and theory of distributed computing” attended by Leonard Liubich and Vsevolod Brekelov: https://sptdc.ru/

  • NeoFS Introduction Video (Episode 1: System Overview): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhaGFODl4_E

  • New team members recruited for neo-go development:

    • Vsevolod Brekelov, M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Informatics (Saint Petersburg State University), former software engineer at Grid Dynamics and Google, QA automation engineer at Raymond James

    • Roman Khimov, M.Sc. in Computer Science (ITMO University), former team lead at Kraftway Corporation PLC, head of networking equipment department at ALTELL Ltd.

  • Continued TestNet audit comparing neo-python results to neo-cli 2.10.2 on state (VM engine, VM result, storage), fees (net, sys, GAS consumption) and transaction details. 17 PR's were made this month fixing various issues encountered during the audit, including porting the whole data caching layer from neo-cli. The audit is currently at 93% completion for TestNet. 

  • Collaborated with NeoResearch on a cross language BigInteger library (with Python wrapper) as the previously mentioned audit has taught us that different languages handle certain features of BigIntegers differently (Python being one of those languages). This can potentially benefit all other languages implementing NEO3.

Neon Wallet
  • Finished implementation and testing of offline signing.

  • Simple policy plugin validation check.

  • 'Import wallet' option enhancements.

  • Github npm security vulnerability fixes.

  • QA of release candidate.

  • Released 2.3.0.

  • Dependency package upgrades.

  • More examples added to documentation.

  • Added RPC methods of Neo 2.10.2.

  • Improved Fixed8 limit handling.

  • Added documentation on spinning up TestNet instances.

  • Re-architected build system, backend and UI.

  • Forked repo into CoZ Github organization.

  • Added ETH->NEO equivalencies for former Solidity devs.

  • Added travis-ci for reporting broken links.

  • Finished BigInteger C++ implementation on portable project (neopt).

  • Ported C++ BigInteger to Python.

  • Implemented a port on Mono for original BigInteger C# class on C++, which validates the correctness of the implementations.

  • Ported NeoVM v3 (ongoing development) to C++ portable (more information).

  • Aligned with 2019 goals, started project "libbft,” that intends to back further consensus development and provide deeper performance/correctness analysis (more information).

  • Aligned with 2019 goals, started reorganization of SciChain project and initial studies on blockchain privacy challenges

  • Organized meetup event in São Paulo, Brazil, in partnership with company Simply.

  • Published neow3j release 2.0.0 and 2.0.1, bringing several new features.

  • Implemented contract invocation (#41).

  • Fixed/solved several issues (e.g., #52, #53, #51, #56, #65, etc.).

  • Enhanced JavaDocs.

  • On-going implementation of smart contracts deployment (#40).

  • NEOLine

Existing code has been updated according to the NEO dAPI draft specification, including but not limited to request body, exception catching, etc; plugin interface documentation was updated.

  • iWallic

iWallic had a small problem displaying transaction records due to a design issue which was acknowledged and fixed; added functionality to switch to the most up-to-date block nodes to ensure real-time trading.

  • Events

The NEXT community continued its online live sharing classes and online small classes to help more new users in the NEXT community understand NEO’s technical aspects. At present, the online sharing class has been held five times and there are 27 online small classes. 


Added domain transfer and mapping functionalities.

  • NEL explorer

Added the functionality to view contract information, including transaction volume, the number of user address, and NEP-5 transfer amount. Page functionalities are complete and the crawling of analysis data is in progress. Approx. 2.62 million of 4 million blocks have been analyzed. It is expected to take two more weeks to complete. The contract information that has been analyzed can be viewed by searching contract hashes.

  • NeoRay

Tested the Python language compiler which will be added to the next version of NeoRay.

  • NELswap

Completed the functionalities of token exchange, adding and deleting the funds pool, and realized the call to the contract. NELswap basic features are already available, and testing is in progress.

NEO-ONE Community
  • Completed dAPI support.

  • Completed final preparation for MainNet release.

  • Updated and fixed website and courses.

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