BLOG July 23, 2019

NEO EcoBoost goes into full launch, attracts institutional heavyweights

To build its vision of a Smart Economy, NEO is accelerating the realization of next-gen Internet with its EcoBoost program, an initiative which aims to provide full life-cycle support to high-promise projects and start-ups. Recently, NEO completed the first phase of its initiative— EcoBoost Partner recruitment—and is now opening the initiative for all interested projects.

Address: neo.org/ecoboost

NEO EcoBoost Partner recruitment has garnered attention from leading teams across every blockchain sector, attracting 200 applications. After a thorough review, 50 projects have been chosen based on our shared visions and goals, including Bittrex, BiBox, BitMax, and other top exchanges; traffic-strong directories DappReview, and Dapp.com as well as user-rich wallets like Cobo, Math Wallet, and Bitkeep. Through these projects, NEO looks forward to greatly expanding and diversifying its userbase. 

NEO EcoBoost will empower seed-stage projects, early-stage developer teams, and infrastructure projects with financial support, technological aid, as well as marketing cooperation, thus encompassing full life-cycle support. 

NEO EcoBoost is now inviting projects across various industries to join us. With NEO’s partners, we look forward to taking your project to the next level to build next-gen Internet together! 

Written by:
Neo Global Development