NEO Foundation and Ontology Foundation to Co-Fund a Joint Task Force | NEO Foundation和Ontology Foundation共同出资成立联合工作组


After signing the MoU, NEO Foundation and Ontology Foundation soon announced to co-fund a Joint Task Force with a total capital contribution of RMB 4 million. The Joint Task Force will press ahead with the development of API standardization, a sharing ecosystem of smart contract, building open standards for smart contract, and cross-chain technology innovation.

The Joint Task Force is made up of over 10 people, most of whom are core developers from NEO Global Development (NGD) and Ontology, along with some selected community members. Senior blockchain developers like Weng Junjie, Tan Yuan and Peter Lin will be joining.

In the following six months, the Joint Task Force will be dedicated to the following tasks:

1. API Standardization

1) To standardize the data APIs and network protocols on the NEO & Ontology protocol layers, in order to build the cornerstone of a shared mega ecosystem;

2) To provide standardizedAPIs and to share some part of SDKs and development tools on both networks to make the development environment more user-friendly for app developers;

3) To explore and realize multiple use-cases of crypto-algorithms on blockchain;

4) To standardize address encoding and to make Neo & Ontology networks more friendly to end-users.

2. A Shared Ecosystem of Smart Contract

1) To adopt NeoVM as the only platform to run smart contract;

2) To propose a standardized SYSCALL rule for namespace, enabling the cross-chain deployment of smart contracts;

3) R&D on highly-efficient Native contract mechanism;

4) To develop a GO compiler and its development environment applicable to NeoVM.

In future, the Joint Task Force will run on a regular basis to explore and seek more cooperation on the development of blockchain protocol layer and application layer.

继NEO Foundation和Ontology Foundation签署合作备忘录后,双方目前又宣布共同出资400万元人民币成立联合工作小组,将在标准化技术接口、共享智能合约生态、打造智能合约开放标准、推进跨链创新技术研究等方向展开工作。

联合工作小组的成员包括来自NGD(NEO Global Development)与Ontology的核心开发人员和社区成员共计10余人,其中不乏像翁俊杰、谈元、林鹏涛这样的区块链资深开发者。


1. 标准化技术接口

1) 实现NEO与Ontology底层数据接口和网络协议的统一,这是共建大生态的基石;

2) 提供统一的API接口,并共享部分SDK和开发工具,对应用的开发者更加友好;

3) 探索并实现多种加密算法在区块链上的应用;

4) 实现统一的账户地址编码方法,对最终用户更加友好。

2. 共享智能合约生态

1) 统一采用NeoVM作为唯一运行智能合约的容器;

2) 提出标准化的SYSCALL命名空间规则,使得智能合约可以实现跨链部署;

3) 研究高效的Native合约机制;

4) 开发用于NeoVM的GO语言编译器及开发环境。