The Announcement of NEO Reorganization 关于NEO组织架构重组的公告


During his speech at the Amsterdam conference on April 14th, 2018, Da Hongfei announced NEO would be adopting a new organizational structure. Following a period of trial operation, we are now convinced of its feasibility. Here is an official announcement on NEO’s new structure:

The NEO Council has been officially reorganized into the NEO Foundation, co-chaired by Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, both of whom shall execute decision-making power.

The two units solely funded by the NEO Foundation are NEO Global Development (NGD) and NEO Global Capital (NGC). NGD, dedicated to technological R&D, community operations and marketing, will execute strategies outlined by the NEO Foundation. NGC, the Singapore-based for-profit licensed fund management company will act as the investment platform to empower high-quality blockchain projects. Though NGC is solely funded by the NEO Foundation, the funds under its management may have other limited partners.

The NEO Foundation will also be an early sponsor of a non-profit organization whose purpose is to enhance academic research on state-of-the-art blockchain technology. This organization is independent of the NEO Foundation and open to all industry practitioners.

We hereby clarify that the structure specified above took effect as of April 1, 2018.

NEO Foundation

在NEO Europe Tour首站阿姆斯特丹,NEO创始人达鸿飞宣布了NEO新型组织架构。在经过一段时间的试运行后,我们认为机制运转良好,现将已确定的最新NEO组织架构公布如下:

原NEO Council正式变更为NEO Foundation,并由达鸿飞与张铮文担任联合主席,负责NEO Foundation决策。

NEO Foundation全资成立了NGD(NEO Global Development)和NGC(NEO Global Capital)。前者负责执行NEO Foundation制定的战略,致力于技术研发、社区运营和市场发展;后者是注册于新加坡的盈利性持牌基金管理公司,将作为投资机构推动优秀区块链项目发展。NGC由NEO Foundation全资成立,但管理的基金接受其他有限合伙人。

此外,NEO Foundation还将作为早期资助者,发起设立一间旨在促进区块链前沿学术研究的非盈利机构。该机构独立于NEO Foundation,并欢迎行业同仁共同参与。


NEO Foundation