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Neo Global Development General Monthly Report: August 2023

August was a month of outreach and connections for Neo!

Throughout the month, we journeyed across Asia, hosting offline City GAS Stations as part of the Neo APAC Hackathon. These events offered us the pleasure of meeting esteemed local partners and friends as we engaged with an inspiring array of talented Web3 developers. This report delivers a comprehensive recap of this eventful month, which included exciting hackathon weekends, rewarding partnerships, engaging AMAs, insightful media interviews, and more.

🙌 Neo APAC Hackathon Continues — Latest Highlights and Insights

🇻🇳 City GAS Stations — HCMC GAS Station

Neo ventured to Ho Chi Minh City, where we hosted our second offline hacking weekend from August 12th-13th in collaboration with the thriving Vietnam Web3 community. Thanks to BingX, Bing Ventures, and Coin98, who joined us as partners, assisting with event promotion and selection of project winners.

The event unfolded at Ariana Plaza, drawing participation from numerous developer groups who engaged in spirited competition. Panel discussions at the event dove into topics related to Web3 marketing and branding in the Vietnamese market. Ultimately, XOX Labs and INTOverse emerged as the Neo Excellence Prize winners. Each winning team secured a $5,000 award, an invitation to the Hong Kong Finale, and a $1,000 in travel grant.

  • XOX Labs was awarded for its groundbreaking Web3 solutions and dApps, which offer users a seamless, secure blockchain interaction experience within a comprehensive ecosystem.

  • INTOverse earned recognition for its intricate design of a Web3 social networking and community management tool. Its creation combines a crypto wallet, Web3 SocialFi, soulbound token (SBT) identity verification, and AI assistance tools.

Additionally, Fewcha Wallet and Octan Network each received an AWS Choice Award. 

The Neo team also took the opportunity to engage in face-to-face meetings with prominent Web3 industry leaders in the Vietnamese market. We will continue to prioritize this collaborative spirit as Neo expands into the burgeoning South Asian market.

🇮🇳 City GAS Stations — Bangalore GAS Station

From August 26th to 27th, we held the highly anticipated Bangalore GAS Station event, an impressive showcase of the enthusiasm and innovative spirit within India’s Web3 community. We appreciated additional support from AxLabs, an active member among the Neo developer communities; AxLabs offered insights, gave mentor support, and reviewed the candidates. 

The Bangalore GAS Station held particular significance for OKX, a steadfast partner to Neo throughout our APAC Hackathon journey. OKX has a strategic interest in the Indian market and played a multi-faceted role at the Bangalore event, including contributing speakers and judges. We also thank partners StackOS and QuillAudits for their contributions as speakers and judges and their generous additions to the prize pool.

NeoCast and NeoPay emerged as the standout projects for this event. Each project won a Neo Excellence Award, an invitation to the Hong Kong Finale, and a $1000 travel grant. 

  • The NeoPay team impressed the judges with its efficient, open-source, and hassle-free payment solution to run on the Neo blockchain.

  • NeoCast secured victory by pioneering efforts to enable seamless cross-chain communication based on NeoVM.

Additionally, Kooka and WiseWallet each received an AWS Choice Award for their outstanding contributions.

📼 Panel Discussion and Workshop Recordings

These Neo APAC Hackathon panel discussions and workshops took place in August and are now available on demand. For a complete list of sessions throughout the hackathon, you can visit the Neo APAC Hackathon Handbook.

Panel Discussions:


🗒️ Neo General Updates

🙌 EcoBoost Program Welcomes Quirky Soul Collage

Neo Global Development (NGD) welcomed Quirky Soul College (QSC), a vibrant community comprising 10,000 unique NFTs, to the Neo EcoBoost program. With an innovative approach to interacting with collectibles through blockchain technology, QSC brings a fresh, exciting dimension to the ecosystem.

Through this collaboration, Neo aims to provide comprehensive support to QSC, nurturing its growth into a decentralized community. This community is envisioned to empower owners of specific digital assets by endowing them with credits and liquidity, further advancing the evolution of the digital landscape.

📖 Master Neo Blockchain with CryptoZombies

CryptoZombies, an interactive learning platform, now offers a series of beginner-friendly lessons for coding on Neo blockchain. These step-by-step interactive tutorials make learning Neo blockchain both informative and enjoyable

🖋️Neo in the News

💡Neo Founder Erik Zhang Speaks with Korea IT Times and Benzinga

Korea IT Times interviewed Erik Zhang, Founder of Neo to discuss the strategic vision driving the Neo APAC Hackathon and delve into Neo's forward-looking plans. Erik addressed topics such as Web3 marketing in the Asia-Pacific region, Neo’s aspirations behind the Neo APAC Hackathon, and how developers can participate in the event. The interview also explored Erik’s perspective on what makes South Korea a great place to be a Web3 developer. 

Finance news provider Benzinga also interviewed Zhang. The interview explored Zhang’s insights about the challenges behind integrating traditional developers into blockchain and the promise that Hong Kong offers as an emerging hub of blockchain talent. 

🙌 Community Engagement

🎙️ KaratDAO’s AMA with Neo and BitMart

KaratDAO recently held an AMA session exploring the role of MPC in enhancing privacy within its ecosystem. Neo and BitMart Exchange representatives joined the discussion to unveil KaratDAO's roadmap for MPC. Watch the AMA recording here.

💯 Neo 24-Hour Quiz for Neoverse NFT Blind Boxes

On August 25th, the Neo community gathered for an exciting 24-hour Quiz/Trivia event. Participants had the chance to win Neoverse NFT Blind Boxes. A total of 238 participants joined the campaign, and five lucky winners who answered all questions correctly received their Neoverse NFT Blind Boxes.

🎉 Neo Partners with Meta Era Summit 2023

On August 25th, Neo was delighted to confirm our role as an official partner for the Meta Era Summit 2023. This event took place on September 12th, immediately preceding the eagerly awaited Token2049, for which Neo continued to ramp up in August. 

MetaEra Summit 2023 served as a gathering point for the Metaverse and Web3 community, offering networking opportunities for prospective partners, venture capitalists, promising projects, and influential figures within these ecosystems.

🌲 Ecosystem News

🎙️ COZ Founder Discusses the Intrinsic Value of NFTs and NFIs with crypto.news 

Tyler Adams, Founder of COZ, one of the largest developer communities in the Neo ecosystem, spoke to crypto.news to share his views about the potential to tap into the intrinsic value of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through an emerging, blockchain-based technology that enables the non-fungible item (NFI). An NFI makes it possible to touch and interact physically with a virtual asset (an NFT). Tyler described examples of practical NFI use cases that have already been implemented and discussed the technology’s potential to power endless use cases across traceability, proof-of-ownership, attaching loyalty rewards to distinct physical assets, and more.

📈 Ecosystem Project Updates

Neo News Today compiles weekly reports on the progress of various projects within the Neo ecosystem. The reports cover a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, product updates, NFT/token releases, airdrops, and other market or community activities. Please see below for the updates on projects within the Neo ecosystem for the month of August.

July 31 - August 6: COZ, Flamingo Finance, GhostMarket, Meme2Earn, Perlin Finance

August 7 - August 13: , COZ, Flamingo Finance, O3 Labs, Quirky Soul College

August 14 - August 20: AxLabs, COZ, Flamingo Finance, GrantShares, Meme2Earn, Mercurial Apps, Neo News Today, O3 Labs

August 21 - August 27: Flamingo Finance, GrantShares, Greenfinch, Meme2Earn, NeoSPCC, Perlin Finance, Unlocking the Chain

August 28 - September 3: COZ, Flamingo Finance, FrankCoin, Meme2Earn, Neo News Today 

🌏 Neo’s Vision in the APAC Region

As you may have noticed, Asia, led by Hong Kong, is embracing Web3 technology. Neo is a global blockchain project with Asian roots, and we’re thrilled by the region's enthusiasm. We're eager to collaborate with fellow blockchain projects in Asia to bolster the region's global presence in the industry. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements as we unveil Neo's strategic plan for APAC. As the blockchain industry continues to grow in Asia, Neo will be at the forefront.

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