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Neo Global Development General Report: November-December 2022

Neo Global Development (NGD) and the Neo community finished 2022 strong. November and December brought new token listings, a new partnership; a range of releases and events, grant distributions, events, and publications; giveaways to share the holiday spirit across the community; and more. 

Neo blockchain news

News on upgrades and releases to the Neo blockchain is available here as part of the ongoing community developer update videos.


Token, exchange and wallet news

Token listings

  • Flamingo Finance launched the FUSD stablecoin on Neo N3 TestNet  

  • FDE (the Fresh Dark Elixir token for the Quirky Soul College game) was listed on Flamingo Finance 

  • Flamingo Finance launched its first and second waves of new liquidity pools (including BNB, FUSD, and others)

  • In its first step to going cross-chain, Forthewin’s NEP token was added to Poly Bridge  

Exchange and wallet news

  • DefiLlama added support for GhostMarket’s GFUND to the TVL aggregator and statistics platform

  • Demex, a non-custodial exchange integrated bNEO lending and borrowing into Nitron, Demex’s permissionless money market

  • ONTO Wallet released V4.42, adding support to send transactions on the Neo N3 blockchain via NeoNS domain names

  • WalletConnect released an overview of Neon Wallet in its Wallet of the Week series  


Community engagement

Highlighted engagement across the community in November and December included happenings such as NGD-hosted contests and giveaways; a new partnership; events including Neo Live AMAs, Neo’s first Twitter Spaces event; and thought leadership publications. Highlighted happenings during this period follow.


NGD-hosted giveaways

NGD hosted two giveaways for the Neo community:

  • World Cup community competition campaign: Neo community members cheered along the 2022 World Cup teams and predicted game outcomes to win GAS prizes.

  • Holiday giveaway: NGD partnered with sponsoring projects to hold a GasBot campaign-driven gifting competition to spread holiday cheer. Again thanks to gift sponsors Blockchain Cuties, DogeRift, COZ, Flamingo Finance, Forthewin Network, GhostMarket, ILEX, Meme2Earn, NeoCandy, Neo Global Development, NeoLine, Neo News Today, Quirky Soul College, and Supernova.

New partnerships

  • Pink Paper, a decentralized content publishing platform, joined the EcoBoost program. 


The Neo Live AMA series hosted sessions with Quirky Soul College (transcript), Pink Paper (transcript), and Demex (transcript).  

NGD Twitter Spaces

NGD hosted its first Twitter Spaces, “The Next Wave of Web3 Evolution”

Neo in the news 

  • The Association for Computing Machinery, an academic journal, published an article on Formal Security Analysis on dBFT Protocol of Neo.   

  • NGD Enterprise lead, John deVadoss, joined the COSM 2022 panel, Can Crypto Be a National Currency? 

  • Neo core developer, Jinghui Liao, Liao released an article about a zero-latency oracle solution that Liao and other researchers are testing.


Ecosystem news

Neo ecosystem projects held contests; released new games, NFT collections, features, and services; distributed grants; and held community events, among other activities. Some of their key activities follow.


  • Received an event sponsorship grant from GrantShares, as noted above.


  • Opened registration for beta testing of its 3D world game and later released patch updates.

  • Provided an overview video of beta registration.

Flamingo Finance 

  • Added the BNB token and new LPs to Neo’s DeFi platform, launched the FUSD stablecoin on Neo N3 TestNet, and launched its first and second waves of liquidity pools, as noted above. 

Forthewin Network

  • Released a rarity tool that lets users search and browse minted NFTs by trait.

  • Launched and sold out Neo Boyz (its first profile picture NFT collection) on Neo N3 and launched Neo Boyz NFT staking on the Double Farm module, which allows increased staking rewards.

  • Forthewin’s NEP token was added to Poly Bridge, as noted above.


  • Launched the GFUND, a single-sided staking-like feature.

  • Added website features (an instant sell feature for setting predetermined prices and a social feature for favoriting NFTs) and launched an email-based alert feature for buying and selling NFTs.


  • Hosted a “Shill Your Proposal” Twitter Spaces episode with Voxiberate, an AI-powered “democracy in a box” platform.

  • Released new features that simplify proposal filtering and sorting, editing and tracking; and overviews of parameters and members.

  • Served as a “co-builder” and sponsor of the InstanDAO conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Executed approved proposals including FrankCoin, Forthewin’s Boost a dApp for the Win, and AfricaN3’s Life Saver Event. New proposals continue to flow through the GrantShares grant request process and can be viewed in the proposal portal.

Mega Oasis

  • Hosted the launch of the Nuanced Floral Symphony NFT collection by world-renowned ink artist, Yuan Jinhua. 

Neo Colorado

  • Onboarded the University of Colorado-Boulder’s CU Blockchain Club into the Neo ecosystem.


  • Opened the Neo Soccer simulation game into beta stage and kicked off the game’s season three with new features.

Mercurial Apps

  • Added support for Neo Soccer on its NFT tracker website.

Neo News Today 

  • Released new episodes of the Smart Economy Podcast.

  • Launched the GasBot tipping service for Discord, supporting NEP-17 tokens from several Neo ecosystem projects. 

  • Distributed two student grants following Neo’s Decoding Web3 US Campus tour.

NudesArmy MemeSite 

  • Rebranded as Meme2Earn and began accepting sponsors for its Meme of the Day contests.

Quirky Soul College

  • Launched as a new NFT-adventure-based game, accompanying the launch with two reverse pools on Flamingo Finance for the FDE token, as noted above.

  • Launched a mobile version of its NFT-based adventure game and updated several features.

Rentfuse Labs

  • Published version 1.4.0 of Neonova, its GUI-based contract management and invocation tool for Neo N3. A developer space is available here


  • Added support for the Neo blockchain to provide comprehensive attack protection through cryptographic protocols, key management systems, and AI.


  • Sold out its First Quarter Phase mint of Character-type NFTs.

  • Went live with its Resource Token staking, which will yield Resource Deed NFTs to stakers. 

Unlocking the Chain

Web3 Italia

  • Hosted its second and third Neo meetups in Rome, Italy and scheduled upcoming events.

  • Released an overview of takeaways from its first three months of local community building.


Neo core and developer communities news

In November, NGD debuted the first video format for community developer updates, featuring updates from AxLabs, COZ, Neo News Today, NEXT (NeoLine), Neo Research, Neo SPCC, NGD Digital Labs, NGD Enterprise, and Red4Sec. The latest community developer updates are available on Neo’s Youtube channel. 

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