BLOG December 31, 2021

Neoverse Enters into A New Chapter

To celebrate the launch of the N3 MainNet, NGD launched Neoverse — an NFT mint and collection campaign together with multiple developer communities, ecosystem projects, and partners. By collecting all nine N3 Element NFT pieces, users are able to mint one of the special N3 Collector’s Editions NFTs which are created by world-renowned NFT artists specifically for Neoverse. The Neoverse series NFTs are not only invaluable collectibles but also carry various “VIP” privileges within the Neo ecosystem.

The launch of Neoverse was a big success. All available blind boxes were sold out in 48 hours, the average price for N Series has reached $11336.95, and Neoverse NFTs has been on top 3 of the Ghost Market ranking collection of all time.

With most of the Collector’s Edition NFTs minted, NGD has sped up the collaboration process between Neoverse and eco-projects. Humswap, Tothemoon, and Flamingo have rolled out specific campaigns, to bring privileges to Neoverse NFT holders.


Humswap is a DeFi platform built on Neo N3 that will offer liquidity pools for various tokens, a marketplace for NFTs, and token swapping.

Entering the new phase of Neoverse, Humswap is bringing a special airdrop: Ant NFT to the Neoverse holders when holders hold both a Neoverse N, E, or O series NFT, and a BOWL NFT in a single wallet on December 10th at 7 pm PST.


Tothemoon is an NFT collector ecosystem project powered by Neo that has its own TTM characters, item NFTs, and marketplace for transactions. For the new chapter, Tothemoon distributed Tothemoon Item NFT airdrops for Neoverse holders that have Neo addresses that minted Neoverse NFT fragments.


Flamingo is an interoperable, full-stack decentralized finance protocol built on the Neo blockchain. To let faithful hodlers get a more prominent voice and easier interaction with the developer team, Flamingo released a Hodler Program, on top of the FLM holdings, Neoverse holders can have additional FLM values to upgrade the level of their club category.

N series = 100,000 added on top of your FLM holdings.

E series = 50,000 added on top of your FLM holdings.

O series = 1,000 added on top of your FLM holdings.


Neo appreciates the support and love from our community, we will continue collaborating with other ecosystem projects and bring you more fun and exciting projects in the future. Stay tuned for a new chapter of Neoverse!

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