BLOG April 9, 2020

Neo Foundation Releases Financial Report for 2019

Dear Neo Community members,

Throughout 2019, the Neo global community strengthened its position and made numerous advances. With the support of our community, we made significant strides towards Neo3, which will empower developers and users alike. Simultaneously, the adoption of Neo’s protocols also increased, taking us one step closer towards our vision of the smart economy. To that end, we’d like to thank our community and developers and highlight some key advancements from 2019.

Since the release of the Neo3 Roadmap in April 2019, we have achieved multiple milestones. We have made great progress in developing Neo3 protocols as well as key components such as NeoID, NeoFS, and the oracle service. These advancements, in addition to NGD Seattle’s contributions, are further optimizing the platform’s infrastructure while fulfilling our commitment to delivering the best possible developer experience. This could not have been possible without our team of incredibly passionate and innovative developers. Thank you all!

2019 was a year of consolidation and maturation for our ecosystem. Bolstered by our EcoBoost Initiative, we’re pleased to witness Neo’s protocols and technology being applied to various use cases, ranging from gaming to dApps and DeFi. As we continue to build the infrastructures of the Next-gen Internet such as Neo3 and tools for developers, we hope to strengthen the momentum of ecosystem growth by deepening our commitment and support for our community.

Moving forward, we are committed to maintaining our pace, despite the slow start in 2020 due to COVID-19, and have set some key goals.

First, we are dedicated to facilitating a smooth transition to Neo3 for dApps, infrastructures, and integrated services. Second, we aim to continue optimizing our developer experience in various ways, including enhancements to our protocol and improvements to development tools. Third, we will develop a forward- looking governance mechanism to incentivize community participation in the decentralization process and ensure the sustainable development of the Neo ecosystem.

In 2020, the Neo Foundation will continue facilitating the growth of the Neo Community. We are committed to ensuring financial sustainability and transparency to drive the development of the smart economy. Furthermore, we are confident in our financial positioning and will deploy resources in a prudent and progressive fashion to continue driving ecosystem growth and adoption.

Please find attached the Neo Foundation Financial Report for FY 2019.


The Neo Foundation

Written by:
Neo Foundation