BLOG May 24, 2019

Node Decentralization Progress | MatPool will maintain a NEO TestNet consensus node

On May 24th (UTC+8), MatPool, a safe, stable, and transparent mining pool platform from established Chinese blockchain media outlet 8BTC officially joined the NEO test network as a TestNet consensus node.

8BTC's MatPool was established in September 2018, with former Facebook engineer Lei Jin as the project leader and CTO, and 8BTC partner Zongcheng Li as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). According to Li, MatPool was created to establish a leading blockchain computing and super-node service platform, providing participants of various main-chain consensus mechanisms with a secure and open platform.

“There are two forces driving us to become a NEO consensus node,” Li noted. “One is that NEO is a well-known public chain project, founded in China with strong technology and a dedicated user base. Becoming a NEO node also demonstrates our recognition of the project direction and technological implementation. The other is our optimism about the NEO Ecosystem. MatPool will take advantage of its capital, technology, and other resources to help build the NEO ecosystem.”

At this point, NEO's TestNet nodes will be jointly maintained by NEO Foundation, NGD, CityOfZion, KPN, Swisscom Blockchain, and MatPool.

Influential organizations and institutions are embraced to apply to become NEO TestNet nodes and join the NEO Ecosystem.

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