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NEO Monthly Report - April, 2019

NEO is an open-sourced, community-driven project. NGD would like to incorporate important community progresses into the monthly report, so that everyone can learn not only the activities of NGD but also those of the major communities. The structure of the monthly report is updated accordingly.

Core Development
  • Officially released NEO 3.0 Roadmap, and currently in the development phase
  • dBFT2.0 is currently on TestNet, in preparation for MainNet upgrade
  • Adjustment of economic model: Pricing contract development
  • Optimization of the P2P protocol

NGD Shanghai Progress

  • Updated NEO-Tutorial, addition of new Dapp demo development
  • Released NEO.Game Development Guide
  • Released the npm toolkit data-convertor, which can convert hex, string, number and endian conversion
  • Released NGD Monitor to check the status of the seed nodes on both MainNet and TestNet
  • Optimized the official website to enhance the access speed and security
  • April 3rd, Tamar Salant, EG manager, attended a NEO Meetup in Tel Aviv, Israel and introduced NEO Smart Economy.
  • April 4th, NGD and Axlabs jointly held a NEO Blockchain Workshop in Zurich.
  • April 8th - 10th, NGD and Swisscom Blockchain conducted a jointly organized NEO Blockchain Training program in Zurich.
  • April 11th - 12th, NEO founder Da Hongfei gave a speech at the 2019 Chain Plus Asia Pacific Blockchain New Financial Summit in Singapore.
  • April 13th, EG director Jiachao Wang delivered a keynote speech at the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) in Tokyo, Japan.
  • April 20th, NGD and ecosystem game projects participated in the NEO JOY 2019: “Blockchain disrupts the gaming industry” event in Beijing.
  • April 26th, John Wang, EG director and Denis, EG manager attended the Crypto Game Conference in Minsk, Belarus. Denis gave a speech to introduce "NEO.Game - One-stop solution for blockchain games."
Other Progress
  • NEO Co-Founder Da Hongfei is assuming the role NGD CEO, responsible for NGD strategy and operations.
  • NGD general manager Zhao Chen and R&D director Peter Lin leave their current positions and participate in community work as community contributors.
  • New Employees:
    • Quanyu Chen – Research and Development
    • Ting Bao – Research and Development
  • NGD Marketing Specialist Grace Gui and R&D Engineer Steven Liu have joined the NEO Foundation to assist with technical community coordination.

NGD Seattle Progress

  • NEO Toolkit for VS Code and NEO Express Node progress

NGD Seattle is working on improving the developer experience. It is currently packaging up a NEO Toolkit for VS Code and a NEO Express Node demo, based on the MainNet C# code base, for demonstration at Consensus 2019, New York.

  • NEO and Cascadia Blockchain Council

NGD Seattle was invited to be a founding member of the Cascadia Blockchain Council, covering Washington and Oregon in the USA, and British Columbia in Canada. NGD Seattle is also on the steering committee, with a mandate to create and maintain a strong, supportive regulatory environment at the city, state, and federal levels.

Developer Community Progress

  • Finalized data audit mechanism based on homomorphic hashing

  • Introduced modular setup of components for simple project expansion

  • Conducted first tests of simple CLI version of NeoFS nodes

  • Finished first end user interface prototype to interact with NeoFS

  • Improvements made to NeoCompiler Eco including:

    • The capability to handle and generate multisig addresses, and any other kinds of addresses.

    • Capability to submit invocations signed by multiple independent witnesses.

    • Capability to run single node consensus in very fast local networks (1 second on average).

    • More API for compilers and community usage of the platform.

    • General UI improvements.

  • Another important step was the start of the neopt project, a portable C++ implementation of the NEO blockchain. This project aims to be a complete rewrite of the C# core project in a very compatible manner, such that fixes will be easily ported between these two projects. This will also serve as a basis for current ongoing projects, such as easily supporting NEO on C++ wallets and integrating NEO with microcontrollers and portable low energy consumption devices. Finally, this project will give the community the capability to easily execute a private NEO blockchain embedded in the user’s browser, a feature that is also intended to be released soon.

  • Neon Wallet:

    • Released v2.2.1, featuring the ability to export transaction data from the Activity tab to a CSV file, re-introduction of the ability for Neon to load script hashes via the neo-tokens repo, and various bug fixes.

  • Neo-python:

    • Ported all updates to the virtual machine to bring it inline with neo-cli 2.10.1 - 2.10.2. Also applied many updates to the ApplicationEngine, statereader and statemachine.

    • A branch with new network code (including a switch to asyncio) is running under “public” test and shows very promising performance improvements.

    • Initial decoupling of the database layer has happened and is being reviewed. This will allow it to support alternative backends.

  • Neon-js:

    • Released v4.5.0.

    • Redirected all old readthedocs documentation pages to cityofzion.io authoritative documentation site

    • Developed JSFiddle examples for most API functions

    • Fixed httpsOnly issue

  • Neo-go/neo-storm:

    • Implemented most VM opcodes working toward full NeoVM implementation in Go

  • Claude Müller joined neow3j project as a contributor and member. He's a software engineer at AxLabs and will contribute to neow3j from now on a part-time basis.

  • On-going development of classes and convenience methods to interact with Smart Contracts (Invocation Transactions).

  • NEP-3 model implemented.

  • Pull requests about the JSON-RPC application logs were received, reviewed, and merged to master. Thanks to Nikita Andrejevs (nimmortal at GitHub).

  • Successful NEO Workshop about Digital Assets in Zürich, Switzerland, where examples using neow3j were shown.

  • Future tasks: focus on interaction with smart contracts as a top priority.

  • NEOLine plug-in wallet (neoline.cn) officially launched and released to the Google Chrome Store.

  • Blolys browser (blolys.com): TestNet query service development, improvement of query performance and upgrade of node parser.

  • iWallic (iwallic.com): Split the wallet and browser API to loosely couple the system services, and updated the data source.

  • Token: Bugfixes, expanded server to carry more concurrent requests and speed up the system, optimized server response speed, and docked app push function.

  • NEXT Community College Blockchain Technology Sharing Conference successfully concluded

  • NEO DAPP Global Blockchain Application Development Challenge ended successfully. A total of 23 teams participated in the competition, with 16 finalists covering more than 150 developers.

  • Published the NNS domain-name reverse resolution contract (0x960b41a05588d2f55acbc13a1e3aa464eec6fff5) to support the unique binding and authentication of addresses to NNS domains. The NEL web wallet, O3 wallet, and Teemo (development version) wallet are supported.

  • Teemo plugin wallet progress:

    • The first phase V1.1.2 release was officially been released to Google Chrome store.

    • The second phase of development will add user-oriented features and experience enhancements, as well as the utility dAPI.;

  • Fixed a historical compatibility bug for NEO CLI V2.10.1, which is expected to be fixed in v2.10.2 or later versions.

  • In the process of building out smart contract library on NEO-ONE

  • Updating NEO-ONE in preparation for MainNet deployment capabilities

  • Two NEO-ONE Developer Workshops:


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