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NEO Global Development Monthly Report - January, 2019

Happy NEO year! We’re happy to step into 2019 hand-in-hand with the NEO community and look forward to achieving great things together. In the short term, NGD remains focused on preparations for NEO DevCon 2019 to ensure we present a high-quality development conference for the community.


The following is the NGD monthly report for January 2019.


NEO DevCon 2019

NEO DevCon 2019 is half a month away. Throughout January, NGD worked on generating extensive publicity for the event. The DevCon agenda was announced revealing numerous high profile speakers such as the NEO founders and representatives from large companies such as Microsoft and Accenture. Ticket sales will be closing soon and we hope that community members who are interested in attending take their last chance to grab a ticket. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle!

NEO CLI 2.9.4

The NEO-CLI has undergone steady development over the past few months, becoming more and more developer friendly. January saw the release of v2.9.4 which get improvement of communication performance and stablity.

NGD Annual Meeting

From January 16th to January 20th, NGD held its annual meeting in Pattaya, Thailand in 2019. The Pattaya meeting was NGD’s second consecutive annual meeting held abroad. NGD colleagues from all over the world were able to come together to discuss the future development of NGD.

Development Progress

Core Progress
  • Ability to start as a service in Windows.
  • New CLI commands: install <plugin> and uninstall <plugin>.
  • Ability to allow plugins to get contract execution results.
  • Ability to allow plugins to delay starting the node.
  • Ability to allow plugins to have third-party dependencies.
  • Fixed a concurrency issue.
  • Fixed a block relaying issue.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes transactions could not be removed from the memory pool.
Other Progress
  • DevCon website updated (https://devcon.neo.org)


The NEO developer community has already been hard at work in 2019, making various contributions to the NEO ecosystem. City of Zion released neo-python v0.8.3 (Link); NEO-ONE held a development workshop in Seattle (Link); and, NSPCC released its work progress for Q4 2018, as well as publishing a research study on node task distribution under the dBFT consensus mechanism (Link).

In addition, social media accounts operated by NGD have generated more positive interactions with an increase in the number of followers, especially on Twitter.

Social media
  • Twitter: 315,975
  • Facebook: 30,528
  • Reddit: 97,914
  • Discord: 24,315
  • Medium: 2,219
  • Youtube: 3,328
  • Wechat: 16,935
  • Weibo: 8,935


With DevCon 2019 right around the corner, preparations have intensified, so NGD-sponsored developer and community enthusiast events have been paused. Events for this month are as follows:

  • January 4th, NEO was invited to participate in the "2019 Blockchain Value List" award ceremony held in Hangzhou, and won the title of "Most Valuable Decentralized Application Platform."
  • January 22nd, Da Hongfei was invited to attend Binance’s Blockchain Week 2019 in Singapore to deliver a keynote speech. Hongfei’s talk was titled “Blockchain & Smart Economy,” in which he shared his views on blockchain and the future of the Smart Economy.
  • January 25th, Lili Zhao, director(Switzerland) at EG, was invited to the Caspian Week Conference and participated in a blockchain panel to discuss the NEO Smart Economy. (Link)

Other Progress

NGD Annual Meeting

NGD held its annual meeting in Pattaya, Thailand. NEO’s founders, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang, summarized NGD’s work in 2018, and set higher goals for 2019. The NEO Foundation also recognized and rewarded individuals and teams for outstanding performance in 2018.


January 13th, Erik Zhang was interviewed by CCN to discuss NEO’s technical features. (Link)

Above is the first NGD monthly report in 2019, NEO DevCon 2019 will be held in Seattle on 16th-17th, Feb. Welcome to join us by devcon.neo.org

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