BLOG April 3, 2018

The 1st NEO Dev Competition Successfully Concluded

The first NEO dev competition that ran for 3 months finally came to a conclusion. The competition is open to NEO global community developers,who have been closely following the event and signing up for it.

Creative works submitted by candidates across continents

Since its launching on Nov. 20, 2017, over 500 developers and teams have signed up for the event with 77 entries submitted. The competition is overwhelmed by the passion of NEO fans from different parts of the world. The competition gets together like-minded people who make use of NEO technology to turn their creative ideas into excellent works.

These entries are either dApps applicable to a variety of blockchain scenarios related to finance, currency, payment, games, social communication, energy management and IoT or tools of practical value like wallets, browsers, node software and query transformation tools. We appreciate every developer’s diligent efforts in working out these inspirational pieces of work.

Winning entries screened out by review committees

Through strict screening, we’ve selected over 50 completed works qualified for the final review. Entries will be fairly scored from five perspectives – technology superiority (25%), innovativeness (20%), value (20%), completeness (20%) and adoptability (15%) by all the reviewers and ranked by the final score.

We’re honored to announce the winning entries are:

First Prize (1 team)

  • Nachomen   

Nachomen is a turn based multiplayer game using a Neo smart contract as backend.

Second Prize (2 teams)

  • Elight

Elight is the project designed to automate thermo logistics processes.

  • Treatail

Treatail is a revolutionary commerce layer that sits on top of all the sites and marketplaces on the Internet.

Third Prize (3 teams)

  • Loyalty Program on a NEO Blockchain

Enable business to launch loyalty program or move existing loyalty program to a NEO blockchain.

  • LootMarkets

LOOT Marketplaces are a new decentralized ecosystem built on the NEO blockchain where digital assets in gaming can be securely bought, sold, and/ or traded on blockchain technology.

  • Non-Fungible Token Smart Contract Template

A non-fungible token (NFT) can be thought of like a property deed.

Award of Merit (10 teams)

  • NEO-Vitae
  • Green Deal
  • adX
  • Smart Transit
  • NeoDraw - NEO Persistable Classes Platform 2.0
  • Sendeo
  • Musketon
  • blockterms
  • Anno
  • I made This - NEO eSignature

NEO community will contact the winning projects within 1 week and distribute the bounty accordingly.

Build a blockchain dApp ecosystem that connects every community developer

Apart from its high definiteness, scalability and compatibility, NEO smart contract is programmable with Python, Java, C/C# and Go that most developers are proficient with that saves their time to acquire a new language. It eases the way for developers to join NEO eco-development based on NEO underlying technology, encouraging more to turn their innovative minds into promising projects that unleash NEO’s value.

Source codes of the majority of entries have been released on Github to share with community developers. NEO is an open-source project that invites every interested developer to contribute to the eco-development.

More entry info can be found here:https://neo.org/awards.html

Written by:
Neo Global Development