BLOG December 18, 2017

NEO Conference on Tech Ecosystem @Beijing

Harness the power of open-source technology to inspire the next generation of apps

An open-source ecosystem, which empowers blockchain technology with infinite possibilities, is the vital force that drives a community forward. Starting from 2014 when NEO was still in its infancy, these years have witnessed its rapid development into a world-known public chain project backed by a grand open-source community. With a growing number of developers joining the community, NEO app ecosystem is being enriched step by step.

Technology defies borders. With NEO technology, developers across the globe are linked up to unleash their power. As innovation is becoming an unstoppable trend, the multitude of promising apps based on NEO ecosystem may turn the future into a science fiction. 

NEO Conference on Tech Ecosystem is to be held on Dec 23, 2017 at Microsoft Beijing, attended by blockchain experts and contributors within NEO ecosystem. We hope that this get-together will launch an inspiring conversation on tech ecosystem.

Morning session - NEO Technology

8:30—9:00 Check in

9:00—9:10 Speech by Tony Tao - Secretary General of NEO Council

9:30—10:00 “A Guide to NEO-based dApp Development” by Li Jianying - NEO Community Core Developer and NEL Tech Lead

10:00—10:30 “An Overview of .NET 2.0” by Li Zheng - Technical Advisor at Microsoft (China) Omni-Chanel Business Unit

10:30—11:00 “NEP-6 Wallet Standard” by Peter Lin - NEO Community Developer

11:00—11:30 “Cloud Managed Enterprise Consortium Blockchain” by Song Qingjian - Chief Product Manager at Microsoft China Cloud Innovation Center

11:30—12:00 “Trinity State Channel: an Infrastructure that Empowers NEO Ecosystem” by Zhang Guangfeng - Trinity Co-founder

Afternoon session - Project Details

13:00—13:30 “Technical View on Ontology” by Xiao Min - Financial System Technology Director at Onchain

13:30—14:00 An introduction to Elastos Project by Han Feng - Supervisor at Qsinghua University i-Center and Secretary General of DACA Blockchain Association

14:00—14:30 An introduction to NEO Alias Service and Hardware Wallet Project by Liu Yongxin - NEL Community Leader

14:30—14:45 ”How Does ZEEPIN Run Distributed Creative Economy Based on NEO” by Zhu Fei - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

14:45—15:15 An introduction to Qlink Project by Li Jianbo - Qlink Chief Architect

15:15—15:45 Tea Break

15:45—16:15 An introduction to AlphaCat Project by Li Bin -  AlphaCat CEO

16:15—16:45 An introduction to THEKEY Project by Li Xueli -  Bch.Med., M.Sc

16:45—17:15 An introduction to APEX Project by Jimmy - Founder & CEO


Tony Tao   Secretary General of NEO Council

Secretary General of NEO Council, member of Ali Microfinance Expertise Group and Tencent Tengyun Think Tank, co-writer of Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy and Blockchain Technology--From Digital Currency to Credit Society; specializes in economic interpretations of Bitcoin and blockchain. He has participated in Ethereum, Factom, Antshares (NEO), Lisk, Elastic and other digital asset ICOs and applied his investment experience and research results on blockchain to overall strategic planning of NEO.

Li Jianying   NEO Core Developer and NEL Tech Lead

Long engaged in software development and software project management; a blockchain expert responsible for NEO architecture design and core development

Li Zheng   Technical Advisor at Microsoft (China) Omni-Chanel Business Unit

A Xamarin certified developer; a Microsoft certified trainer (MCT) with 13 years’ training experience; author to Best Practices for IIS and Practicing Microsoft Open Source and Cross-Platform Mobile Development, etc.

Peter Lin   NEO Blockchain Community Member & Developer

One of the earliest NEO developers with 6 years’ experience in Internet technology development; now works as a public and consortium chain app developer.

Song Qingjian   Chief Product Manager at Microsoft China Cloud Innovation Center

A designer and developer of debugging tools, display and video drivers, H5 Web OS and distributed multi-media processing and transmission cloud platforms; 10+ patents owner; product manager of Azure MySQL, database hosting service and blockchain service

Zhang Guangfeng   KeySecure and Blockchain Expert

15+ years’ work experience as a developer; previously served Giesecke & Devrient (China) and Zhongchao Blockchain Research Institute on formulation and promotion of PBOC 2.0 standard issued by China UnionPay, designing and R&D of large payment system as well as digital trading system based on digital currency and blockchain technology.

Xiao Min   Financial System Technology Director at Onchain

Previously employed by UnionPay Data and other large payment institutions with deep insights and hands-on experience about the integration of blockchain and financial system.

Han Feng   Supervisor at Qsinghua University i-Center

Lifetime member of Bitcoin Foundation, Secretary General of DACA Blockchain Association, editor-in-chief for Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy and Blockchain - Quantum Wealth, etc.

Liu Yongxin   NEL Community Leader

Former product manager at Legal Chain experienced in blockchain development and application

Zhu Fei   ZEEPIN Founder & CEO

Former CEO of Arting 365 with 15 years’ engagement in creative industry; a serial entrepreneur who founded multiple Internet service enterprises

Li Jianbo   Qlink

Former Huawei software engineer; he successfully commercialized virtual SIM product and billing system and supported 4 million paid users.

Li Bin   Alphacat Founder

PhD holder in physics from New York University; served as vice president of Merrill Lynch, executive director at UBS North America, one of the six members of UBS North America Executive Committee and COO of Jiangping Asset Management Co., Ltd.


Obtained her master’s degree in computer science from McGill University and proposed blockchain-based dynamic multi-dimension identification (BDMI).

Written by:
Neo Global Development