BLOG December 11, 2017

Announcement: AMA session for NEO Developer Competition begins on December 10

Dear all,

The AMA session for NEO Developer Competition is ongoing on Reddit. We started to collect questions from 4:00 pm (UTC) on Sunday, December 10, which will last until 3:59 pm (UTC) on Friday, December 15, spanning five days. After the deadline, the questions that are posted will be collected and the AMA review will be released on Wednesday, December 20.

AMA address:


NEO is an open-source blockchain project which is an industry leader amongst Chinese public blockchain projects, and supported by a large international community. In order to nurture blockchain developers and motivate promising community projects NEO and Microsoft have collaborated to host the first NEO Developer Competition, aiming to create a richer blockchain ecosystem. Through this competition that is based upon NEO and Microsoft’s development environment and tools, we hope that there will be excellent blockchain project applications that will be launched on the NEO platform.

NEO Developer Competition has a fixed prize pool of 490,000 US dollars where the first place is expected to receive a reward worth 150,000 US dollars. These rewards will be paid out in the equivalent USD value of GAS. At the same time, outstanding projects will have the opportunity to be invited to attend NEO DevCon in Silicon Valley.

Since the official launch of the competition on November 20, 2017, it has been supported and actively participated by a large majority of the NEO community developers worldwide. As of December 8, About 250 individuals and teams from over 40 countries have signed up for the competition. As the competition is currently in full swing, we expect more outstanding developers and teams to join, so let us look forward to creation of these outstanding entries!

Competition website: https://neo.org/competition.html 

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