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Unveiling the Neo Sidechain Naming Campaign: Co-Building a Bright Future Together

Dear Neo Community and Friends,

We’re excited to have captured your attention in the past few days as we revealed our latest endeavor: an EVM-compatible and MEV-resistant sidechain. This sidechain is a crucial step in realizing our vision of creating a developer-friendly blockchain infrastructure and an efficient DeFi ecosystem, ultimately bringing us closer to the future of a smart economy. With our full dedication to developing this sidechain, including the launch of its testnet by year-end, we now invite the community to play a pivotal role. We need a name for the sidechain, and we believe in the power of our community to make this decision. Join our Neo Sidechain Naming Campaign, and you’ll have a chance to claim a share of the $20,000 prize in GAS token that we’ve prepared for active and productive participants. Your chain, your choice! Let’s work together to shape the future of the Neo ecosystem!

Campaign Timeline and Phases

The Neo Sidechain Naming Campaign will be underway from November 6 to November 30, 2023. This exciting journey is divided into three key phases:

Phase 1: Unleash Your Creativity

November 6 — November 15, 2023

In Phase 1, we invite the community to ignite their imagination. This is the time to share your creative ideas and stories, as many as you can muster!

Phase 2: Your Vote Matters

November 17 — November 27, 2023

Transitioning into Phase 2, Neo Global Development will narrow down the options to a shortlist of the top 20 names. These selections will be presented on a voting platform, giving the community the power to choose the five best names. (Details regarding the voting platform will be announced soon.)

Phase 3: The Ultimate Decision

November 27 — November 30, 2023

In the final leg, Phase 3, a panel of judges comprising core members from Neo Foundation, Neo Global Development, and the Neo community will make the ultimate decision. They will select the one name that will define the Neo sidechain’s rising future.

Campaign Participation: Roles, Activities, and Prize Pool for Each Phase

Phase 1: Creators and Advocates

- Creators: We invite you to share your brilliant ideas for the sidechain’s name by submitting them through this Google Form. You can use text, images, GIFs, or videos to illustrate how your suggested name aligns with Neo’s ecosystem goals and values. The more detailed and relevant your submission is, the higher the chance it will be shortlisted for Phase 2.

- Advocates: We invite you to participate in our advocacy campaign across the Neo and broader blockchain communities and have prepared $2,000 rewards.

First, you can support us by following Neo’s Twitter, engaging with campaign tweets by liking and retweeting them, and using any other methods you find effective. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of recommended actions as a guide. As a token of our appreciation, 100 participants who complete all the recommended actions will receive a $10 reward each.

Secondly, you are welcome to participate in the Meme Contest co-hosted by Neo and Meme2Earn and there is another $1,000 in prize. Check the details below.

Phase 2: Voters and Advocates

- Voters: In Phase 2, the top 20 ideas that advance to this stage will be presented to the wider community. Voters play a crucial role in selecting the Top 5 names. We will use a voting platform for this purpose.

- Advocates: Your support is invaluable. Help encourage maximum participation within the community, motivating others to vote for their favorite names.

A total of $4,000 in rewards will be distributed among active Voters and Advocates. Details about the voting platform and reward distribution will be shared before Phase 2 begins on Neo’s Twitter.

Phase 3: Master Creator and Honorable Creators

- Master Creator: On November 30, the judging panel will choose the Master Creator, the ultimate winner of the Neo Sidechain Naming Campaign. The Master Creator will be rewarded with $10,000 for his/her outstanding idea that best represents Neo’s vision and mission.

- Honorable Creators: The other four creators in the Top 5 will receive the title of “Honorable Creator” and a $1,000 reward each. This recognition reflects their contributions and commitment to the community.

Judging Criteria and Additional Information

Neo Global Development and the Judging Panel will adhere to a set of rules when shortlisting names between Phase 1 and Phase 2 and determining the winners in the final phase. The list of rules is as follows:

1. Relevance

The proposed name should resonate with the features and purpose of the new sidechain. It should represent the MEV-resistant features and EVM compatibility.

2. Uniqueness

The name should be distinct and not easily confused with other brands or products in the blockchain sector. It should stand out in a diversified market.

3. Memorability

A good name should be easy to remember. Short, interesting, and catchy names often have a lasting impact.

4. Pronunciation and Spelling

The name should be easy to pronounce and spell. If it’s too complex, it could be off-putting or confusing for users.

5. Scalability

The name should be versatile and able to grow with the project. It shouldn’t limit the project to a specific technology, feature, or region.

6. Brand Alignment

The name should align with Neo’s existing brand and overall mission.

7. Legal Availability

The name should not infringe on any existing trademarks or domains. It should be available for legal use and registration.

We believe that it’s essential for you to have all the information required to grasp the Neo sidechain fully in order to suggest an appropriate and engaging name for it. Please refer to our previous Medium article titled “Neo to Open a New Chapter with EVM-Compatible, MEV-Resistant Sidechain.” This article contains all the information we can disclose about the sidechain at this time.

A bright future is a shared endeavor of our community! Neo has steadfastly placed its faith in the strength of the community, continuously inspiring and engaging its members in co-creation and collaboration. Now Neo stands on the brink of an exciting new chapter, and we wholeheartedly invite you to walk shoulder by shoulder on this journey towards the future of Neo’s ecosystem!

Submit your idea NOW: https://forms.gle/Ptmy2KXNZ9qKa3Lv5

Important note: The Neo Sidechain Naming Campaign ran from November 6th to November 30th, 2023, and has now concluded. This article serves solely for record-keeping purposes. Neo reserves the ultimate authority to interpret the campaign and reward terms.

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