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Neo Global Development General Report: August-October 2022

Growth and development continued across the Neo ecosystem from August through October. This report features news from the Decoding Web3 USA Campus tour and other events; Neo’s latest entry into the world of decentralized identities with the launch of NeoNS; new GrantShares community proposals; new partnerships and ecosystem activities; and more.


Neo USA campus tour: Decoding Web3

Throughout the month of October, leaders from Neo and the Neo community toured the USA to connect in person with more than 400 students across 16 elite USA universities. From the East Coast to the West Coast, Neo connected with student leaders including builders, investors, and entrepreneurs who will help to shape the future of Web3.

Neo blockchain news

Neo expanded its world of decentralized identities with the September launch of NeoNS, an NFT-based Domain Name Service. It is designed to map machine-readable identifiers (i.e. N3 addresses, NeoFS shared links, other metadata) to more easily readable names such as john.neo or wallet.neo. NeoNS name registration is available here.

Exchange and wallet news

  • Arctic Wallet added support for NEO on its desktop non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet for Windows, macOS, Linux 

  • COZ

    • Released Neon Wallet v 2.16.16, including full support for NFTs on Neo N3, a new NFT gallery view, and minor bug fixes

    • Updated the desktop version of Neon Wallet, which integrates with the Flamingo API to enhance the accuracy of token values

  • DeFi Llama TVL, an aggregator for DeFi protocols, added tracking for Flamingo Finance and NudesToken 

  • Nash integrated Neo N3 into its non-custodial wallet, enabling users to buy NEO through the application and claim GAS on the new network

  • NeoLine added support for NeoNS to the NeoLine mobile and Chrome extension wallets (enabling users to use their associated NeoNS domain names to send assets to their wallets)

  • Simplex, a fiat on- and offramp provider offering access to 115+ fiat currencies, and Neo formed a partnership to let users buy NEO and GAS without needing external exchanges or fiat-to-currency payment gateways

  • Switcheo announced plans support to bridging assets between its native Carbon chain and Neo

Community engagement

New partnerships

NGD established new partnerships including:

  • Metaisland, maker of an upcoming multiplayer, open-world, action adventure game, joined the Neo EcoBoost program

  • UFO Gaming, a decentralized gaming platform that bridges traditional games onto the blockchain, also joined the EcoBoost program

  • Neo established a strategic partnership with TaskOn, a Web3-based platform that supports social media collaborations 

  • Neo also announced a new partnership with Simplex, as noted above 


GrantShares, the new decentralized and transparent grants program for the Neo ecosystem, continued to expand:


  • AxLabs hosted 4 “Shill Your Proposal” Twitter Spaces episodes to discuss GrantShares DAO topics and proposals:

    • Episode 2: cNEO, with Lyrebird founder William Song 

    • Episode 3: Web3 Community - Italy 

    • Episode 4: Training Program for Neo, with COZ 

    • Episode 5: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Neo News Today 

  • GrantShares updated its dApp to support more proposal types and added a treasury page that shows funds and allocations

  • Proposals approved and executed from August through October included Citizen Assemblies for DAOs; An analysis of the two tokens NEO economy (Milestone 1); and Updated renewed iOS SDK (Milestone 1 of 3). Proposals continue to move through the transparent GrantShares grant request process. Visit the GrantShares dApp for details. 

New NeoPod initiative 

Neo Global Development (NGD) introduced NeoPod, an initiative that empowers dedicated, knowledgeable Neo community members to help expand the reach of the Neo blockchain. Community members can apply now.

Draper University demo day

Draper University hosted a demo day where leaders from selected Neo community projects (Blockchain Cuties, Rentfuse, Greenfinch, Sunday Games, and Calamus Finance) pitched their projects to venture capital investors.

Neo News Today student grant  

Neo News Today rolled out a student grant initiative as part of its participation in Neo’s Decoding Web3 USA Campus Tour, with applications closing November 30. 


The Neo Live AMA series hosted sessions with UFO Gaming (transcript) and Metaisland (transcript).

Neo in the media

NGD Enterprise lead, John deVadoss, joined several events:

Ecosystem news

Neo ecosystem projects conducted airdrops and giveaways, launched new projects, and held AMAs and other events. Some highlighted activities during this period follow.


Token and staking news within the ecosystem included:

  • Flamingo Finance introduced a block-based order book that enables on-chain limit orders without bots and increased the Flund DEX-traded fund’s exit fee from 0.5% to 2%

  • GhostMarket integrated liquidity pool staking into its platform and integrated support for Flamingo Finance, allowing users to buy NFTs using NEP-17 tokens other than the currency requested on a listing

  • O3 Labs added support for the GhostMarket GM token, which lets users single-side stake on Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche blockchains

  • TOTHEMOON launched TTM token staking that will yield Infrastructure Deed NFTs

  • Forthewin Network

    • Reduced fees for the Swap module from 0.08252064 to 0.0392888 GAS

    • Added 3 pools (NEP/fWBTC, NEP/fWETH, bNEO/fUSDT) to its Double Farm feature, allowing users to retake LP tokens for varying reward APRs 

    • Launched the bNEO/TTM liquidity pool on the Double Farm module

    • Announced that the FTW Swap module surpassed $1 million in liquidity on its platform


Other ecosystem news highlights included:


  • AfricaN3 launched its first dApp, Neo Wordle, which lets participants solve puzzles for GAS rewards and create puzzles for others to solve

  • Blockchain Cuties 

    • Enabled migration of NFT assets from Neo Legacy to Neo N3 and launched a new NFT game with new Cuties NFTs on Neo N3 

    • Highlighted the Neo blockchain as its most-used blockchain  

  • DogeRift released a video about its upcoming 3D open-world game and shared a preview of the game’s mobile version

  • Forthewin Network announced an upcoming mint date for its second NFT collection, Neo Boyz. Minting was later held on November 11.  

  • GhostMarket launched a bug bounty for improved platform security 

  • Ilex launched and sold out the Genesis NFT collection and Poleman Avatar NFT series on the Mega Oasis marketplace 

  • iNeuron shared a video of the winning team discussing their development experience at the recent HACK-A-Thon 5.0, an in person event co-sponsored by Neo

  • Mega Oasis rewarded its users with GAS for using its new Guarantee feature 

  • Neo Candy launched the Candefi NFT dApp on the Neo N3 TestNet. The dApp, built on the Rentfuse lending protocol, lets users to stake CANDY tokens into options-like NFTs that can be rented among speculators.

  • Neo Colorado hosted a community meetup in Los Angeles CA

  • NEO-BITS released the open beta version of Neo Soccer, a team management-focused game

  • NudesToken released v 2.1 of NudesArmy (now rebranded meme2earn.com) meme platform, held its third fireplace burn event, and added video support to its meme-to-earn platform 

  • Quirky Soul College launched the first dynamic NFT-based game on the Neo N3 blockchain and released information about the upcoming Fresh Dark Elixir NEP-17 token

  • Rentfuse added support for lending and renting of NeoNS, Blockchain Cuties, and Meta Panacea NFTs

  • New Neo partner TaskOn launched a social media campaign for Neo 


    • Held numerous airdrops

    • Added 10 channels to the official Discord server for individual languages Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese

    • Launched TTM token staking as noted above

  • Web3 Italia, a GrantShares award recipient

Neo core and developer communities news

  • Neo core  

    • Released Neo-CLI v 3.4, adding a new native contract method, additional token data to the TokenTracker plugin, and more

    • Announced closure of the Neo N3 T4 TestNet as of August 31, 2022 

  • NGD Enterprise released a preview of Neo WorkNet, which helps developers test their smart contracts on a private fork of Neo MainNet or other public networks) for the Neo Blockchain Toolkit

  • NGD launched Lounge, a tool that enables qualified users to participate community forums dedicated to specific projects

  • AxLabs updated Neow3j to v3.18.1, including various minor enhancements, and released Neow3j v3.19.0, focused on updates to align with Neo v3.4

  • COZ

    • Updated the desktop version of Neon Wallet, released Neon Wallet 2.16.16, and updated the QuickVote web portal, as noted above

    • Released neon.js v5.2.0

    • Updated the COZ developer tool suite to support Neo N3 on the T5 network 

  • NeoLine

    • Removed the TestNet on neo2.neotube.io and updated the NeoTube websites

    • Added support for NeoNS to the NeoLine mobile and Chrome extension wallets, as noted above

  • Neo SPCC 

    • Launched NeoFS on T5 TestNet, including enhancements to make the storage system faster and more reliable

    • Released NeoGo v0.99.3, designed to provide new APIs to simplify backend code for applications.

    • Released the first public version of its NeoFS REST Gateway, a new way for developers to interact with NeoFS

    • Released NeoGo v0.99.4, making it easier to build and test smart contracts 


For detailed updates on Neo core development and Neo community developer community activities, please see the August, September, and (soon available) October 2022 technical development reports.

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