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NEO Monthly Report - June 2019

By Neo Global Development

Core Development

NEO 2.x

NGD Shanghai Progress 

Development Progress
  • Upgraded NEO consensus nodes to 2.10.2 and updated all corresponding technical documents to the latest version.
  • Continuously updated and tested neo-gui 2.10.2.
  • Published new EcoBoost webpage.
  • Performed re-constructing and enriching of NEO docs.
  • Started NEO Course beta test in China.
  • Finished designing NeoID and enhancing NeoVM to support CertLeger.
  • Researched cross-chain technologies and solutions.
  • Worked on the design of voting and incentive mechanisms for NEO3.
  • Progressed on authoring of NEO3 white paper (70% done).
  • June 12th, NGD’s Ecosystem Growth (EG) department held the “NEO Game Ecosystem Closed Dinner and Blockchain Game Ecosystem Discussion.” (Beijing)
  • June 17th, Wang Jiachao attended and delivered a keynote speech at the 8th Global Gam Congress (GMGC 2019). (Beijing)
  • June 24th - June 26th, Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado from Neow3j and Lili Zhao, the Swiss director of EG, held a NEO Workshop at the 2019 Crypto Valley Conference. (Zurich)
Other Progress
  • Phase one of the NEO EcoBoost initiative - Eco-Partner Recruitment - was officially launched.
  • NGD made a strategic investment into Liquefy. The two sides will cooperate to develop a security token ecosystem.
  • NGD assisted in the release of the NEO Foundation’s financial report.
  • NEO participated in an AMA hosted by Coin98 to explain NEO's to Vietnamese community members.
  • NEO Live was held three times with Blacat, ZoroChain and Cardmaker participating.
  • NGD produced 6 NEO EcoWeek videos, featuring Fishchain, CryptoFast, NEOWorld, Blacat, LAYA and NewEconoLabs (NEL). 

NGD Seattle Progress

  • Established PrivateNet running on NEO3 code base.
  • Took leadership in espousing Industry Standards as part of the WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council at the recent WTIA Blockchain Panel held in Seattle, Washington.

Developer Community Progress

  • New object storage format and its API representation
  • Objects connectivity in the form of a graph (data splitting and recovering)
  • Implementation of pipelines for objects processing in data uploading and downloading from NeoFS
  • Research on node reputation (ranking) system in NeoFS
  • Implementation of Smart Contract and payment methods for data storage (in progress)
  • TLA+ specification for NeoFS and dBFT 2.0 (in progress)
  • Begun writing NeoFS Developer Documentation
  • Speaker at “WECONF 2019” in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Experts and judges at “Digital Breakthrough” Hackathon, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Voted in as the latest consensus node on the NEO TestNet.
  • Neo-python: Fixed various issues as a result of an ongoing neo-python vs neo-cli audit; Researched ideas for VM speed optimizations; Added new SimplePolicy changes and fixed CLI parsing for nested lists for use in smart contract invocations.
  • Neon Wallet: Performed multiple dependency updates; Added "watch only" authentication mechanism; Iterated on UX/designs and developed the ability to sign transactions in "offline mode"; Added a new page for viewing encrypted key QR codes
  • Neon-js: Performed dependency package upgrades; Updated default RPC endpoints; Updated VM status output to be inline with neo-cli 2.10.2.
  • Launched interactive Forth-based tutorial "Learn NeoVM."
  • Investigated FORTH implementation of NeoVM.
  • Adjusted NEO Portable (neopt) for compatibility between NEO 2.x and NEO3.
  • Organized NEO 2.x and NEO3 base projects on NeoResearch GitHub, opening the door for cross-project integration tests.
  • Applied minor fixes and simplifications to the NeoCompiler-Eco front and back-end in v3.5.0 release.
  • Created draft model for NEO C++ devpack and compiler.
  • Studied partnerships and possible teams for conducting research in 2019-2020.
  • Implemented "getclaimable,” (#39)"getplugins,"(#42) "getunspents," (#36)JSON-RPC methods 
  • Implemented the wallet base module(#25), get balances of NEO and GAS(#27), transfer of NEO and GAS(#29), and basic wallet functionalities as create/import/recover/export(#26).
  • Enhanced CI-CD on Travis. 
  • On-going implementation of smart contracts deployment(#40).
  • Published version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.  
  • NEOLine: Updated dAPI documentation; Added support for system language recognition; Bug fixes.
  • Launched online live sharing classes and online small classes. At present, three online sharing classes have been released, and online small classes are up to lesson 18. 
  • Teemo Wallet: Upgraded the interface to fit 2.10.2 network; Updated to automatically add network fees to transactions larger than 1,024 bytes (Unreleased); Added support for the insertion of system fees in transactions (Unreleased); Bug fixes.
  • NNSDEX: Completed development of auction and purchase functionality using CGAS and NNC; Users can bind their email to receive the trade information.
  • NELswap: Contract development 100% completed; Trade function is 40% completed
  • Fixed remaining NEO•ONE node inconsistencies with C# node.
  • Resolved final issues blocking NEO•ONE MainNet readiness, final testing and validation to begin shortly.

Social Media 


Total exchanges listing NEO: 74

  • New exchanges listing NEO: PIEXGO, BitKan
  • New exchanges listing GAS: BitKan

New exchanges supporting NEP5: Probit

New NEP-5 listings:

  • MagicCube MCC token listed on Bitmart and Coinsuper
  • Zorochain ZORO token listed on Piexgo


  • NGD Shanghai Tech Lead
  • Associate Manager, Ecosystem Growth
  • Associate Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Researcher
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Blockchain Integration Engineer
  • Blockchain Software Developer 

Special thanks to NEONewsToday for the design of infographic. You can find the June Monthly Report Infographic (PDF) here.  More versions in different languages will be available soon. 

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