BLOG July 2, 2019

NEO Monthly Report - June 2019

Core Development

NEO 2.x

NGD Shanghai Progress 

Development Progress
  • Upgraded NEO consensus nodes to 2.10.2 and updated all corresponding technical documents to the latest version.
  • Continuously updated and tested neo-gui 2.10.2.
  • Published new EcoBoost webpage.
  • Performed re-constructing and enriching of NEO docs.
  • Started NEO Course beta test in China.
  • Finished designing NeoID and enhancing NeoVM to support CertLeger.
  • Researched cross-chain technologies and solutions.
  • Worked on the design of voting and incentive mechanisms for NEO3.
  • Progressed on authoring of NEO3 white paper (70% done).
  • June 12th, NGD’s Ecosystem Growth (EG) department held the “NEO Game Ecosystem Closed Dinner and Blockchain Game Ecosystem Discussion.” (Beijing)
  • June 17th, Wang Jiachao attended and delivered a keynote speech at the 8th Global Gam Congress (GMGC 2019). (Beijing)
  • June 24th - June 26th, Dr. Guilherme Sperb Machado from Neow3j and Lili Zhao, the Swiss director of EG, held a NEO Workshop at the 2019 Crypto Valley Conference. (Zurich)
Other Progress
  • Phase one of the NEO EcoBoost initiative - Eco-Partner Recruitment - was officially launched.
  • NGD made a strategic investment into Liquefy. The two sides will cooperate to develop a security token ecosystem.
  • NEO participated in an AMA hosted by Coin98 to explain NEO's to Vietnamese community members.
  • NEO Live was held three times with Blacat, ZoroChain and Cardmaker participating.
  • NGD produced 6 NEO EcoWeek videos, featuring Fishchain, CryptoFast, NEOWorld, Blacat, LAYA and NewEconoLabs (NEL). 

NGD Seattle Progress

  • Established PrivateNet running on NEO3 code base.
  • Took leadership in espousing Industry Standards as part of the WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council at the recent WTIA Blockchain Panel held in Seattle, Washington.

Developer Community Progress

  • New object storage format and its API representation
  • Objects connectivity in the form of a graph (data splitting and recovering)
  • Implementation of pipelines for objects processing in data uploading and downloading from NeoFS
  • Research on node reputation (ranking) system in NeoFS
  • Implementation of Smart Contract and payment methods for data storage (in progress)
  • TLA+ specification for NeoFS and dBFT 2.0 (in progress)
  • Begun writing NeoFS Developer Documentation
  • Speaker at “WECONF 2019” in St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Experts and judges at “Digital Breakthrough” Hackathon, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Voted in as the latest consensus node on the NEO TestNet.
  • Neo-python: Fixed various issues as a result of an ongoing neo-python vs neo-cli audit; Researched ideas for VM speed optimizations; Added new SimplePolicy changes and fixed CLI parsing for nested lists for use in smart contract invocations.
  • Neon Wallet: Performed multiple dependency updates; Added "watch only" authentication mechanism; Iterated on UX/designs and developed the ability to sign transactions in "offline mode"; Added a new page for viewing encrypted key QR codes
  • Neon-js: Performed dependency package upgrades; Updated default RPC endpoints; Updated VM status output to be inline with neo-cli 2.10.2.
  • Launched interactive Forth-based tutorial "Learn NeoVM."
  • Investigated FORTH implementation of NeoVM.
  • Adjusted NEO Portable (neopt) for compatibility between NEO 2.x and NEO3.
  • Organized NEO 2.x and NEO3 base projects on NeoResearch GitHub, opening the door for cross-project integration tests.
  • Applied minor fixes and simplifications to the NeoCompiler-Eco front and back-end in v3.5.0 release.
  • Created draft model for NEO C++ devpack and compiler.
  • Studied partnerships and possible teams for conducting research in 2019-2020.
  • Implemented "getclaimable,” (#39)"getplugins,"(#42) "getunspents," (#36)JSON-RPC methods 
  • Implemented the wallet base module(#25), get balances of NEO and GAS(#27), transfer of NEO and GAS(#29), and basic wallet functionalities as create/import/recover/export(#26).
  • Enhanced CI-CD on Travis. 
  • On-going implementation of smart contracts deployment(#40).
  • Published version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.  
  • NEOLine: Updated dAPI documentation; Added support for system language recognition; Bug fixes.
  • Launched online live sharing classes and online small classes. At present, three online sharing classes have been released, and online small classes are up to lesson 18. 
  • Teemo Wallet: Upgraded the interface to fit 2.10.2 network; Updated to automatically add network fees to transactions larger than 1,024 bytes (Unreleased); Added support for the insertion of system fees in transactions (Unreleased); Bug fixes.
  • NNSDEX: Completed development of auction and purchase functionality using CGAS and NNC; Users can bind their email to receive the trade information.
  • NELswap: Contract development 100% completed; Trade function is 40% completed
  • Fixed remaining NEO•ONE node inconsistencies with C# node.
  • Resolved final issues blocking NEO•ONE MainNet readiness, final testing and validation to begin shortly.

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  • NGD Shanghai Tech Lead
  • Associate Manager, Ecosystem Growth
  • Associate Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Researcher
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Blockchain Integration Engineer
  • Blockchain Software Developer 
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