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NEO Monthly Report - May 2019

Core Development

Core development efforts are now focused on NEO3. The NEO 2.x branches are only being updated for necessary bug fixes.

Changes for NEO3

  • Further improvements to dBFT 2.0
  • Drastically improved the TCP protocol by adding compression, optimization, and reduction of some messages
  • Completed the manifest and permission system implementation
  • Modified the pricing model
  • Added and improved unit tests
  • Removed UTXO
  • Added NEO, GAS and voting policies native contracts
  • Support for running NEO3 preview
  • Added ability for neo-cli to install a plugin from a .zip file without any need to download additional software
  • Various bug fixes
  • Implemented changes to prepare the compiler for NEO3
  • Increased unit tests
  • Adjustments to plugins for NEO3
  • Various bug fixes
  • Made necessary changes to prepare the virtual machine for NEO3
  • Added and improved unit tests
  • Optimized the behavior of the virtual machine
  • Added necessary opcodes for the static variables implementation
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases allowed the GetCallingScriptHash function to return an incorrect value

Changes for Neo 2.x

  • Released 2.10.2 with dBFT 2.0 and neo-vm tested to be compatible with MainNet
  • Fixed a bug that was producing discrepancies with the storages between versions
  • Fixed installing and uninstalling plugins
  • Adjusted seeds in protocol.json
  • Minor miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Minor fix on storage state dumper parameter HeightToStartRealTimeSyncing
  • Fixed end height for CoreMetrics plugin
  • Fixed output json for multisigaddress transaction for RpcWallet

NGD Shanghai Progress

Development Progress
  • Tested neo-cli 2.10.2
  • Upgraded TestNet to v2.10.2, released new docs 
  • Improved the reliability of NEO MainNet, fixed bugs #134 and #505 on GitHub
  • Voted MatPool as a consensus node on TestNet
  • Made progress on iterative testing of NEO3
  • Optimized the design of NeoID platform & whitepaper demo
  • Completed the mapping of QLC Chain’s NEP-5 assets to its MainNet (Go-QLC)
  • Provided technical support toArkine wallet management platform in supporting the NEO token
  • Provided technical support to the Horse Saga game
  • Maintained the neo.org website, added Github verification functionality, and added a direct application for developers to claim TestNet NEO or GAS
  • May 8th: Lili Zhao, Ecosystem Growth (EG) director in Switzerland delivered a speech at the Euro Forum held by Bank-IT on the topic of “NEO Blockchain Banking” in Zurich. (https://www.euroforum.ch/bank-it/)
  • May 11th: Evan Hong (NGD Korea regional manager), and Steven Liu (NEO Foundation technologist) visited Korea University, and presented NEO’s updated blockchain technology to post-graduate students.
  • May 12th: Wang Jiachao, NGD EG director and Song Ping, NGD marketing associate manager, attended the GF-Defi Ecological Project Conference in Shanghai. Song Ping delivered a speech on "NEO Project Progress Introduction."
  • May 13th - 15th: Da Hongfei, NEO founder and NGD CEO, Sergei Liubich, co-founder and managing partner of NEO SPCC, Lin Pengtao, co-designer of NEO ID, John deVadoss, head of NGD Seattle, and Wang Longfei, NGD blockchain development engineer attended the Consensus 2019 conference in New York, USA. The group gave various presentations on the next phases of NEO, NeoFS, NeoID, and dApp development.
  • May 18th: Evan Hong, EG senior manager, attended the Jeju Block best practices at Jeju Shinhua World, and delivered a keynote speech on the "NEO Ecosystem and Function of NGD Korea".
  • May 25th: a second NEO JOY meetup was held in Shanghai. Sharlyne Lee, NGD senior marketing manager, gave a speech on expanding the NEO Blockchain ecosystem. In addition to NGD, many ecosystem projects participated at the event.
  • May 31st: Lili Zhao, EG director in Switzerland, was invited by the Swiss National Bank to participate in a roundtable forum on the future of crypto assets.
Other Progress:

NGD Seattle Progress

  • NGD Seattle hiring update - Harry Pierson, the founding PM of IronPython for .NET and of xLang joins NGD Seattle after a 20+ year career of engineering experience at Microsoft in Redmond, WA.
  • F5 Developer Experience - Preview of the F5 Developer Experience for NEO was demoed at Consensus 2019 in New York. More announcements expected in the coming months.
  • Engineering Excellence TechTalk Series - The Series will kick off in June with a roster of influential presenters from across the software industry.

Community Development

NSPCC Community
NeoFS Core
  • Implementation of data migration and replication services;
  • New object storage format and its API representation:
    • Improvement of data storage modules (new object’s format)
    • Objects connectivity in the form of a graph (data splitting and recovering)
    • Implementation of pipelines for objects processing in data uploading and downloading from NeoFS
  • Data Audit implementation
  • Research on the accounting of nodes’ storage capacity for data placement:
    • HRW weighted sorting for data placement
  • Monitoring:
    • Prometheus and Grafana for NeoFS metrics
  • Research on dBFT 2.0 as the consensus protocol for NeoFS:
    • dBFT 2.0 implementation in Golang for NeoFS
  • New EventLog implementation
  • BlockChain indexer and library to work with blockchain for NeoFS
  • Improvement and refactoring in network components of NeoFS (fixed possible data-race, improvements in tests for network modules)
  • Consensus 2019:
  • Video demo: https://neo.org/fwlink/28
  • Proposal for integration with Neo 3.0: NeoFS API call from NEO Smart Contract (NEO 3.0 integration and NeoFS payment model)
  • New workflow & development process at NEO SPCC
  • New team member at NEO SPCC (Stanislav Bogatyrev, PhD. in Reliability of Distributed Computer Systems from ITMO University, former senior SW developer at Samsung Electronics and Dell-EMC)


Neon Wallet
  • Added an RSS feed of NEO News Today and iterated on design
  • Added watch-only authentication mechanism
  • Product design and development on offline signing / multisig signing user experience flow
  • Implementation of watch-only transaction generation
  • Plugins and comparison tools made for both neo-cli and neo-python to allow more extensive auditing, beyond solely storages. These plugins also store things such as; tx fees (sys_fee/net_fee), VM execution states, execution stack results, and GAS consumption. Items that historically have had deviation reports.
  • Investigation into memory leaks and reducing high memory usage. This resulted in a couple of potential issues in neo-python being resolved, 1 memory leak report to the Python core language, and a 5x reduction in memory usage for neo-python.
  • The VM has been updated from 2.4.1 to 2.4.3, some speed improvements.
  • Added support for additional transaction types
  • Improved logging
  • Fixed bug in sync process
  • Added error handling for getapplicationlog
  • New docker config to simplify deployment on non production environment
  • Added auto-generation of test files
  • Added hotkeys for basic debugging operations
  • Disassembly of AVM into opcodes
  • Implemented of single-step debugging
  • Added fix for filename conflicts
  • Save file when rebuilding
  • Refactored code in multiple places


  • Ongoing implementation of the wallet convenience layer (GitHub issue #25).
  • Ongoing implementation of smart contract deployment.
  • Pull requests about bugs and features were received, reviewed, and merged to master. Thanks to GitHub users @shoxive and @freddytuxworth.
  • Bugs fixed, e.g. maven import error, and results of invoke transactions not available.
  • New releases: version 0.10 and 1.0.11.
  • Created the documentation repository neow3j-docs.
  • Created multiple new features as GitHub issues, including ones that the community requested (e.g., #32 and #33).
  • Increased testing coverage, measured using io.


Development Progress
  • NEOLine plugin wallet (neoline.cn): Refactored dAPI with NEP specification; added night mode in UI; and fixed a bug.
  • Blolys browser (blolys.com): Optimized data response structures, upgraded nodes to ensure data accuracy, and completed block data parsing.
  • Token: Optimized the transaction process, reinforced the network request mechanism; expanded the server, and reduced load times.
  • Likeme App: Domain name confirmation; products have entered the stage of comprehensive iterative updates, major adjustments and changes for UI, will add more reward mechanism functions.
  • Conducted two online sharing sessions and launched an online class to enable new NEXT community members to learn more about NEO.


  • Implemented the first version of a NEO C++ Compiler.
  • Improved NeoCompiler Eco with more flexible replay scripts and a more automatic behavior.
  • Adjusted the Yellow Paper for being merged to the official NEO specification
  • Investigated new research directions for the dBFT and improved current proofs


  • Began development of the second version of NNS DEX, with 100% of the static pages and 60% logical pages completed.
  • Developed a token currency exchange agreement contract, the contract development is 100% complete, and page design is underway.
  • Released the Chrome plug-in wallet v1.2.0; Added dAPI v2.0 (chain information, data conversion, NNS); Added more user design features; WebSocket server push messages to the blockchain will respond faster.
  • The NEL browser added features such as domain name search, domain name reverse resolution display, and display for transactions in the mempool.

NEO-ONE Community

  • Expanded native external wallet integration support and began implementation of dAPI in order to enable seamless integration between wallets and dapps built with NEO-ONE.
  • Added support for Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets which enables wallets implemented using NEO-ONE the ability to generate many private keys from a single seed phrase, similar to a Ledger.
  • Fixes for the node inconsistencies between the NEO-ONE implementation of the NEO VM and the C# one are in progress.

Social Media


  • NGD Shanghai tech lead
  • Associate manager, Ecosystem Growth
  • Senior coordinator, Talent Acquisition
  • Specialist, Overseas Media Relations
  • Content editor
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Blockchain integration engineer
  • Blockchain software developer

Interested applicants should email career@neo.org.

Written by:
Neo Global Development