BLOG March 1, 2018

Attention:Submission Deadline for the 1st NEO Dev Competition is approaching

Dear all, the 1st NEO Dev Competition will soon close with only ten days left before the deadline (Mar. 10, 2018). We kindly remind everyone to keep the time in mind and complete your project submission as soon as possible.

Project submission page: http://helloxizai.mikecrm.com/fBHaQli

Since the date of launch till Feb. 28, 2018, nearly 450 teams and individuals from over 40 countries have signed up for the competition. Considering the volume of entries, I hope that every candidate can keep track of your progress and make a timely submission to avoid traffic congestion, leaving enough time for the judging panel to make assessment and issue a timely announcement based on the agenda.

Those who haven’t completed your development should watch your time and submit your projects as soon as possible. We expect every one of you to complete your work and make the event a stage to shine.

Finally, a big “thank you” to every candidate for your diligent contributions to our first dev competition. We embrace every excellent project for a stronger NEO ecosystem.

More rules and info about the competition can be found at https://neo.org/competition.html  

Written by:
Neo Global Development