BLOG January 3, 2018

Instructions for Developers & Students to Receive Free Tickets to Neo DevCon

【Notice】We have a total of 400 free tickets, now all the tickets have been sent out, thank you for your enthusiastic participation。The application for free tickets has been closed, please do not apply again!
2、 Click “New issue”, input issue title as: “I want to go to NEO DevCon! My email: ××××”
e.g.: I want to go to NEO DevCon! My email: chenzhitong@neo.org
**Students please note that that only valid email addresses from high-education institutes should be used (ending with .edu) when applying.

Write down your email address for receiving DevCon e-ticket.

Write down a brief self-introduction and area of development you're good at. And write down links to GitHub blockchain projects that you are involved in.
Finally, click “Submit new issue”.3、 After the application is approved, we will review and select 100 applicants to send out the promotional code to their mail-box with instructions of how to get free tickets to DevCon.4、 Participants will check in at DevCon with the electronic tickets.
Written by:
Neo Global Development