BLOG November 21, 2017

NEO to announce the first dev competition intended for blockchain apps eco-development

Blockchain technology is penetrating all walks of life, giving rise to innovations in various fields. As an early bird among domestic public chain projects, NEO has witnessed a growing number of developers making constant contributions to blockchain eco-development all these years. To maintain the momentum, NEO plans to launch the first dev competition in China. The event will be co-organized by Microsoft with supports from Elastos, Onchain, kaiyuanshe and INNOSPACE+. Sign-up will open on Nov. 20, 2017 (sign-up page: https://neo.org/competition.html ).

NEO is a distributed network that uses blockchain technology and digital identity to digitalize assets. These assets are automatically managed by smart contracts, leading all the way to a "smart economy". NEO smart contract system features high certainty, scalability and compatibility. Besides, it saves developers' efforts in acquiring new languages like Solidity as NEO smart contracts are programmable with Java, C/C# and Go that developers are too familiar with.

Contestants are encouraged to deliver excellent apps with the support of NEO blockchain and Microsoft’s development environment and tools. Such efforts being made, we are one step closer to a mightier blockchain developer ecosystem.

Candidates will be assessed by the technical superiority, applied value, comprehensiveness of docs, innovativeness and appeals of their works. A judging panel made up of NEO founder Da Hongfei,NEO Founder & Core Developer Erik Zhang, CoZ founder Fabio, Elastos founder Chen Rong,ONT Founder Li Jun and experts from Microsoft China will select 16 winners out of all the contestants for a bounty pool worth a total of USD 490,000. The 16 winners are comprised of 1 first-prize winner, 2 second-prize winners, 3 third-prize winners and 10 Award of Merit winners. We will offer the top winner USD 150,000 in fiat.

Besides, participating individuals and teams are free to contact NEO for the chance to present your works at the NEO DevCon to be held in Silicon Valley in Jan, 2018.

As a warm-up for the competition, NEO plans to offer an AMA(please follow official channels for more info) on Dec. 10, 2017. Developers, entrepreneurs and students with ideas, competence and innovative minds are all welcomed to attend the ama to get informed and inspired for the competition. We are looking forward to your outstanding performance.

More info at https://neo.org/competition.html

Written by:
Neo Global Development