Bounty Hunter Wanted! Claim your Antshares NOW!

2016/7/29 16:43:58


Now we are introducing Antshares Bounty System

The bounty system has two parts: Regular Bounty and Premium Bounty. Regular Bounty is for everyone willing to contribute and take part in our ICO campaign. Premium Bounty will give you bigger rewards but it is also more challenging. The bounty system also has an early bird feature. You will enjoy TRIPLE bounty before ICO starts (Aug 8th EST 8AM) for regular bounty and DOUBLE bounty for premium bounty.

TRIPLE bounty before ICO starts for regular bounty!

TRIPLE bounty!

Triple Bounty Ended

In order to claim your triple bounty reward, you need to send emails to inform us. Signature triple bounty email requires screen shot and link to your bitcointalk profile. You don't need to send email for retweets/Twitter like or LinkedIn share/like. Follow and subscription only require your user name and email address in the confirmation email. Fail to do so may result in illegibility of claiming triple bounty.

Triple Bounty Ended



 - We'll keep record of your bounty activities. But we would like to ask you to send us an email summarizing all your bounty activities just to make sure we have an agreement on how much we should pay you.

 - In order to claim your bounty, you need to register an Antshares account and email us your Antshares address (not your investing bitcoin address). No rush on this, you can combine your address email and summary email into one.

Please spend some time to read through this article to get a concrete understanding.


Regular Bounty:


1. Signatures: 30-150 Antshares/Signature

Each valid Signature on forum wins at least 30 Antshares. You will get more based on your bitcointalk profile seniority and the number of clicks other users made through your signature (signature is linked to websites and our websites will record related information). Multiple signatures are acceptable.


2.     Retweets/Origianl tweets or Twitter Like: 2 Antshares

Each retweet or original tweets with positive Antshare or Onchain content will win 2 antshares. The content has to be maintained at least two weeks. You must qualify for Bounty #3 (follow us on Twitter) to obtain this bounty.


3.     Follow Antshares on Twitter: 15 Antshares

Follow us on Twitter and we will follow you back. At the end of the bounty period, if your account is still following @antshares we will credit you 15 Antshares.


4.     LinkedIn Group and Follow: 15 Antshares

Join our group “Blockchain Antshares Community Group”(Link: and follow our company page Onchain (Link: We will credit you 15 Antshares.


5.     LinkedIn Share or Like: 2 Antshares

Each LinkedIn posting share or original posting with positive Antshare or Onchain content will win 2 antshares. The content has to be maintained at least two weeks. You must qualify for Bounty #4 (follow our company page and join our group) to obtain this bounty.


6.     Newsletter Subscription: 15 Antshares

You can subscript for latest news through email on our websites. We will credit you 15 Antshares for subscription. Multiple email address subscriptions are not acceptable.


Premium Bounty


1.     Published Blog/Article: 300 Antshares * 100

The original articles or blogs post discussing the AntShares or Onchain onto an existing blog or news site are welcomed. The article must be at least 500 words long. We will awards up to 100 articles. Any interested freelancers or correspondent can contact us through with questions you’re interested. Each writer can submit multiple articles.


2.     Youtube Vedios: 300 Antshares * 5

The Video can be the combination of AntShares, OnChain and Smart contract, at least 45 seconds long. It can be in the form of an animation, a real life video or whatever you feel it conveys the positive message about Antshares. The first 5 videos that are of acceptable quality will get 300 antshares.


3.     Translations: 100 Antshares/500 words

The translation bounty applies to any antshareblog. Please stick to the languages you are familiar with and will help the community to know antshare project well.


4.     Major Media journalist Interview and News: 1000-2000 Antshares * 2

If you can help us get attention from major finance/technology media, we will reward you at least 1000 Antshares or even more depending on the influence of the media. WSJ and Yahoo Finance or famous radio talk shows are good examples. Contact us to discuss details.


Any questions or concerns are welcomed. All bounties mentioned here start from now on and last till the task finished. AntShares ICO starts from early Aug, and the whole process lasts 30 days, so do not hesitate to get involved.

For any issues with bounties you can either PM us on twitter or email us at:

  • adamgud SAYS:
    great. done items 2,3,4,6 (Regular Bounty)
    2016/8/1 21:04:34
  • ether19 SAYS:
    wish you guys all the best!
    2016/8/2 15:15:06
  • adamgud SAYS:
    1.Subscribe to newsletter and folloved twitter earlier, with the release of PRE ANN. Hopefully, you will record me to bounty partisipant list? 2. "Follow us on Twitter and we will follow you back". and we will follow you back???- is not fulfilled. -wrote a letter to attend in TRIPLE bounty before ICO starts for regular bounty.
    2016/8/3 19:19:33
  • crypto SAYS:
    Subscribed, followed, share on twitter and linked in 2,3,4,5,6 also premium with 1 and 3
    2016/8/8 13:52:01
  • Anta SAYS:
    go! Ants! go!
    2016/8/8 22:21:39
  • pol5 SAYS:
    hello !
    2016/8/9 3:26:48
  • basay07 SAYS:
    Attending 12345 (Regular Bounty)
    2016/8/17 19:14:14
  • basay07 SAYS:
    Attending 12345 (Regular Bounty)
    2016/8/17 19:14:15
  • basay07 SAYS:
    Regular Bounty 6
    2016/8/17 19:33:04
  • doktor1897 SAYS:
    good project
    2016/8/24 20:45:34
  • afan.syai SAYS:
    up up up..
    2016/8/25 23:16:09
  • gourcuff SAYS:
    2016/8/30 3:20:32
  • loobooloo SAYS:
    Is the bounty hunt still going on?
    2017/2/25 4:46:10

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