Antshares Blockchain is Now Online!

2016/10/17 13:20:21


Antshares Blockchain is Now Online!

The Mainnet of the Antshares Blockchain has been online since early 17th, Oct. Beijing time. The Mainnet is stably running with new block generation. ICO participants may claim ANS now. Once claimed, ANS will be distributed soon to your corresponding ANS addresses.



About ICO2 Refund

The ICO2 of Antshares adopted a refund policy. There were 50.31 BTC refund claimed between 8th, Sept. and 16th, Oct. So the total valid ICO amount was 6069.22BTC. The refund amount is at a minimal 0.8% of all the funds raised. TAT is grateful for the confidence and support from all ICO participants.



About ANS listing in Exchanges

TAT has been coordinating with corresponding exchanges, and the official technical test will take place after the mainnet launch (starting now). Once the ICO ANS distribution is completed and the exchange test shows green light, the listing will happen. The exchange listing will take place before the end of the month with Chinese exchanges a bit faster than west-based exchanges.



About the Software

Software Roundup:
Windows Client: running Mainnet, EN supported
MAC: under development

Under stability test:
[Web Wallet: running testnet, EN coming soon
Android Wallet: running testnet, EN coming soon, available via Google Play
iOS Wallet: running testnet, EN coming soon, available via AppStore
WP Wallet: running testnet, EN coming soon, available WindowsStore]

Blockchain Explorer [provided by community contributor], semi-EN, TAT will approach the contributor soon for localization


Note: You should use the Windows client to claim your ICO ANS for stability reasons.


  • nooler SAYS:
    How can investors claim their shares if they do not have a windows device ?
    2016/10/20 0:25:30
  • brunoaec SAYS:
    i cannot get my ans from the ico, how can i get them ? private key shows zero ANS !
    2017/5/5 22:42:27
  • brunoaec SAYS:
    AGAIN, is it a FRAUD ? i requested 10 times my ANS, using the private key, but still zero !!!!!!!!!
    2017/5/13 19:50:05

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