Antshares ICO Statistics

2016/9/13 13:29:47


Antshares ICO Statistics

The Antshares ICO lasted 31 days from Aug. 8th to Sept. 7th.


Escrow Address


All the bitcoins raised in the ICO have been transferred to the following multisig address for escrow. The private keys are held by DACA, HaoBTC and TAT respectively.


The Antshares ICO Multisig Address:



Bitcoin Amount


The total bitcoins raised in the ICO are 6129.526616. Among it, a 10 bitcoins transaction received 0 confirmations. So the valid total amount is 6119.526616. The transfer into the escrow address cost 0.20721362 bitcoins as miner fee. So the total valid amount in the escrow address is 6119.319402.


The pic below shows accumulated total daily and newly invested amount daily. You can see peeks at Aug. 8th, Aug 14th, Aug. 23rd and Sept. 7th. The reasons are:


1) First day heat, with a 1000 BTC whale investment.

2) Aug. 14th is the last day of the 20% bonus.

3) Aug. 23rd witnessed a 500 BTC investment in one transaction.

4) Sept.7th is the last day of the ICO.


Generally, the Antshares ICO is similar to other ICO projects in terms of capital inflow, excluding the 1000 btc and 500 btc investments. That is, bulk on the beginning and the end while flat in between; and bonus end leads to small peeks. You can also tell that this round of ICO is influenced by whale investments. The total 1,500 btc investment came from 2 transactions, amounting 1/4 of the total ICO funds raised. We assume this is from long-term enthusiasts that possess a hefty amount of fund.


Participant Number


The participant statistics is more align with the “bulk on the beginning and the end while flat in between; and bonus end leads to small peeks”principle. You can tell by the chart below:


There are 1498 participants of the ICO, the bitcoin investment per capita is 4.085. Compared with Lisk and Waves, the per capita investment in the Antshares ICO is in between.


Among the 1498 participants, 733 were from Mainland China while 765 from overseas. We can say that the ICO participants from overseas outnumbers their domestic counterparts. The rapid increase of overseas investors started to gather momentum in the second week, while large portion in September came from overseas.


Some statistics regarding the Antshares in overseas market


1. Our twitter account @Antshares witnessed a follower increase to 2,030 from a handful in August.

2. BTT announcement received 94 pages of replies since August 1st and 60,000+ clicks.

3. Today’s Alexa data suggests the has a 68.5% of viewers from inside China. This is to say more than 30% of the PV are from overseas.


TAT is delighted with such development in the overseas audience. We expect Antshares, as the first China-based blockchain project, to let the world better their understanding of the industry’s development in China. TAT will extend to the world on the development of Antshares and other China-based chains. The world deserves to know that, China is not just about exchanges and mining, but also leading blockchain projects!

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