May 6, 2019BLOG

Notice of Neo Foundation on Urging Crowdfuding Participants to Claim Back Neo Tokens

By Neo Global Development

To all NEO contributors and supporters:

As NEO progresses to refine our vision and technical development, we would like to extend our genuine appreciation for your support over the past 5 years.

NEO would like to thank all those who have contributed to the development of NEO, especially those who have been supporting and helping NEO since our early days. 

We note that a number of the NEO crowdfunding participants have not collected their NEO Tokens and would like to kindly urge these crowdfunding participants to claim their NEO tokens back by following the steps below: (Please find the number of unclaimed NEO tokens and the NEO addresses of relevant participants used for the NEO crowdfunding at the end of this announcement.)

Account Verification
1. For professional account:

Use NEO-GUI to sign the public key with the following content “I want to claim NEO.” (Note: Case-sensitive, include full stop and exclude the quotation marks). Then email the details of NEO Address(used for the NEO crowdfunding), Public Key and Results of signing to with the subject title “Claim for Crowdfunding NEO Tokens”.

The administrator will verify your account.
(Note for signature: Download NEO-GUI > open the wallet > advanced > message signature. Enter “claim neo” in the input box and click “Signature”.)

2. For ordinary account:

Please email with the subject title “Claim for Crowdfunding NEO Tokens” and provide your NEO address used for the NEO crowdfunding.

The administrator will respond with a small amount of GAS generated randomly (e.g. 0.00000482) upon your email is received. Please transfer the same amount of GAS to your NEO address used for the NEO crowdfunding to verify your account.

Please complete the transfer within 24 hours and reply the email to with the transaction ID. The administrator will verify your account in due course.


The corresponding NEO tokens will be transferred to the verified accounts by the end of each month in which the application is made. Such transfer does not include the GAS generated and any other tokens airdropped before the transfer is made.


Please send your email to with the subject title “Claim for Crowdfunding Tokens” on or before October 17, 2019, Beijing time 0:00 (the 3rd anniversary of NEO’s Main Net launch). Your application will NOT be processed if you miss this deadline.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to send your email to

Please check the list below: