NEO Council Monthly Report – January


After only one month, we already know that 2018 will be a great year. The reason for this is quite simple: The NEO Community.

We spent a full week touring Europe; the response and feedback we received were quite amazing. Not only do we see a growing support among developers and startups, but also a great interest from a large number of curious bigger scale corporations. NEO's technology, including the one-block-finality, high transaction speed and support of multiple programming languages, seem to be very welcomed in the already established industries. The European tour also gave us a lot of valuable insights about what we are doing well and what we can improve. We even got some concrete suggestions on how we can make NEO's development easier, faster, and better, all of which we obviously value very highly. Some of these suggestions have already been picked up by both NEO China and the development community themselves. It is impressive to see that the NEO Community is filled with so many "doers".

During the end of December and beginning of January a lot of focus was on decentralization. We have improved voting and consensus algorithms, as City of Zion set up and tested three high-performance servers; One in the United States, one in Australia, and one in Switzerland. During our meetup in Amsterdam, KPN, one of the largest telecom companies in the Netherlands, also announced that they will be running a consensus node. We are happy to have them onboard and are looking forward to extensive knowledge exchange between us. Both CoZ and KPN have set up the consensus nodes by themselves, with their own engineers managing them. They are all already voted in as consensus nodes on TestNet and have been running stable for about two weeks now.
Just last week, during the NEO DevCon, Da Hongfei revealed that Fenbushi Capital will be joining in running a consensus node as well. We hope to reveal more consensus nodes in the weeks to come.

While we are on the topic of DevCon: A big thank you to all the participants and presenters who joined us in San Francisco last week. An extra thank you to our NEO superwomen Caterina and Grace for their incredible energy and organization in pulling all of this together.

NEO DevCon kicked off with Scott Hunter, Partner Director at Microsoft, who presented the open source community at Microsoft as well as the evolution of .NET and how they support NEO in using the .NET framework for Smart Contract development. It continued with Da Hongfei presenting the NEO New Vision. Putting the New Vision down in words would be unfair to everybody; that presentation should be watched as a video, as not to do it injustice. We strongly suggest all NEO Community members watch the presentation when released.

A little later that day, Erik Zhang presented the technical advantages with NEO, following with interesting future developments that will and are possible to do with NEO's technical design choices ( Malcolm Lerider gave a speech on decentralization, explaining the underlying reasons and advantages of NEO's decentralization approach. On the second day, Miles Graham presented the "Global Blockchain Compliance Hub"; An open-sourced repository focusing on legal details related to blockchain and cryptocurrency for as many jurisdictions as possible worldwide (

January Events:

  • January 8th: NEO Meetup – Dublin
  • January 10th: NEO Meetup – London
  • January 11th: NEO Workshop – Hamburg
  • January 12th: NEO Meetup – Hamburg
  • January 12th: Co-organized “Meeting the Future” 2018 Blockchain Global Developers Forum – Suzhou
  • January 12th: Co-organized “Meeting the Future” 2018 Blockchain Global Developers Forum – Shenzhen
  • January 13th: NEO Meetup - Amsterdam
  • January 13th: Shanghai NEO Programming Day (workshop)
  • January 17th – 18th: Participated in 2018 Blockchain Industry Annual Meeting (Shenzhen)
  • January 20th: Co-organized “Meeting the Future” 2018 Blockchain Global Developers Forum – Chengdu
  • January 20th: Co-organized “Meeting the Future” 2018 Blockchain Global Developers Forum – Guangzhou
  • January 30th – 31st: NEO DevCon 2018

January Development:

  • Website updates and optimizations
  • Added NEO Contributors (
  • NEO-GUI and NEO-CLI 2.6.0
  • Support for ”sendfrom”
  • Improve performance of ”WalletIndexer”
  • Implemented support for NEP-6 script parameters
  • Improved votes counting algorithm
  • Rejection of voting to random
  • Allow voting to standby validators
  • Optimized consensus
  • Established four external consensus nodes, now running TestNet
  • Added event “ApplicationExecuted” to “LevelDBBlockchain”
  • Full implementation to SQLite db3 format wallet
  • Added new APIs to NeoContract: Neo.Runtime.Serialize and Neo.Runtimte.Deserialize
  • NeoVM: added new opcode “REMOVE”
  • NeoVM: “State” of “ExecutionEngine” is now modifiable for subclasses
  • NeoVM: Types of “StackItem” are now public
  • Added RPC commands: sendfrom, getapplicationlog, listaddress
  • New documentation for:
    • Header.Index property
    • listaddress method
    • getapplication method
  • Updated documentation
    • NEO-GUI Client description
    • Getting Started C#
    • Getting Started C# (macOS)
    • Document for Exchange Developers
    • Contract Authentication Tutorial
    • System fees
  • Translated document: Consensus mechanism

We have about one week of full speed ahead before the Chinese Spring Festival begins. During this week, we will make preparations for two Hackathons that will be held at the end of February: START Hack 2018 (St. Galen) and HackCU (Colorado). We have more interesting events coming up in March so be sure to stay tuned.

NEO Council