October 1, 2017BLOG

NEO Council Monthly Report – September

By Neo Global Development

September has been another busy month for the whole NEO team. With increasing interest in Smart Contracts and dApps on the NEO platform, our engineers have spent quite a lot of time on technical support. We are documenting alongside this in order to provide better available information to all developers. The main question from the community has been on how to create a NEP-5 token. The documentation for NEP-5 is now complete and is being reviewed. It can hopefully be released to the community in the upcoming days.

September has also been a month with many social events. The 3rd Global Blockchain Summit 2017 was hosted in Shanghai, which brought many blockchain enthusiasts to our city. We had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and learn about their projects. We also met a lot of NEO fans and we greatly enjoyed speaking with all of you and answering all your questions. There will be more events coming up; see the teasers at the end of this report.

During September, the NEO team has completed the following:

Official website to apply for and issue assets on TestNet https://neo.org/testNet/create NEO TestNet has the same code as MainNet and you will thus need NEO and GAS on TestNet to create assets, deploy contracts, and invoke contracts. You can apply for TestNet NEO and GAS using the link above. You may also request GAS through the #develop channel on our Slack. The NEO and GAS for TestNet can be useful for testing your dApp for the CoZ dApp competition: https://cityofzion.io/dapps/1

Documentation of GAS fees
To aid in the development of Smart Contracts and dApps, we have summarized the system fees on one page in the docs. You may also use this as a reference when planning your dApp for the competition.

NEP-5 Token issuance documentation: (in review)
After feedback from developers, our engineers have written a tutorial on issuing NEP-5 tokens on NEO. The document is being reviewed and will be translated to English soon after.

Website development
The neo.org website is being updated to ASP.NET Core 2.0 together with content changes. Overall design and back-end has been completed, while UI design and front-end development is in progress. It is expected to be released in the second half of October. At the same time, it will also be open sourced on GitHub, allowing community members to develop and contribute to the site.

Decentralization of consensus nodes
NEO Council is preparing for consensus node decentralization in Q1 2018. We are now performing extensive simulations on voting and governance to optimize the process. We have also begun work on P2P network optimizations.

Private key encryption and decryption testing (NEP-2)
Our engineers have performed main testing of NEP-2 to encrypt and decrypt a WIF format private key. More information about NEP-2 can be found here:

Bounty program (TBA)
NEO Council and City of Zion have drafted up a bounty program together to reward community members who identify vulnerabilities and bugs in the source code. Reports that follow non-public disclosure guidelines and are sent to us before the bounty program is live will also be eligible for reward (dev@neo.org).

New team member
We welcome our newest NEO team member, Celia! Celia has been working as a technical writer for more than 12 years in the IT field, including network communications, office software, video conferencing, and middleware products. Previously she worked for Oracle Beijing R&D Centre, and she will now manage the technical writing here at NEO. We are all happy to have her on the team!

Technical Support
NEO engineers have supported Microsoft technical staff with preparing smart contracts, helped RPX with contract testing, released feature-rpx-manager, and supported other parties with NEO technical knowledge.

INNOxNEO Night 3
Developers Liu Jianqi and Tan Yuan presented how to write C# Smart Contracts, how to use Smart Contract API, and how to deploy and invoke Smart Contracts. They also discussed Smart Contract use cases with the participants.

INNOxNEO Night 4
Senior R&D Manager Malcolm Lerider described NEO and what makes us stand out from other platforms that allow dApp development. He explained incentives and how the voting system will affect network fees. Community operations Fred Huang shared all the progress that the NEO community members abroad have made to help the NEO ecosystem, including all the work from City of Zion.

NEO Meetup at Brauhaus
NEO founders Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang met the community at Drei Kronen Brauhaus in Shanghai. The venue was close to 3rd Global Blockchain Summit 2017 and attracted a variety of blockchain enthusiasts, investors, and NEO fans. This meetup was a casual networking meetup without presentations.

Attended INNO x Austrade Blockchain Seminar
NEO were invited to attend the INNO x Austrade Seminar. The Australian delegation shared their goal of being pioneers in adopting blockchain technology and presented a number of projects they are working on. INNOSPACE+ founder Chen Chengjiang further presented how they have been focusing on forefront technological development trends, including their support of NEO.

Blockchain Workshop – NEO in cooperation with Microsoft Azure, Hangzhou
Smart Contract developer Tan Yuan led a full-day workshop on Smart Contract development in C# at TechTemple in Hangzhou. TechTemple is a startup hub in Hangzhou focusing on software development companies. Around 30 interested developers joined the workshop.

The Chinese Golden Week starts today; this year, the national holiday and mid-autumn festival are right after each other, so China has a national holiday from October 1st to October 8th. We will still have technical personnel and support available, but response time on emails and social media may be slower than usual. You can of course always get instant support from our community on Slack. Everyone at the NEO team is looking forward to starting October with a big event right after Golden Week; please see below!

NEO will attend GNOME 2017 Asia Summit

NEO JOY will be hosted in Nanjing with focus on blockchain use cases.

Both CoZ Founder Fabio Cesar Canesin and Red Pulse co-founder Stanley Chao will visit the NEO team in Shanghai, so we will take the opportunity to hold a community event. You will also see NEO General Secretary Tony Tao and NEO R&D Manager Malcolm Lerider. There will be presentations in both English and Chinese, and the event will be live streamed. More information here: http://www.huodongxing.com/event/4407010848900

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